Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Peace through Compassion

How do you usually express peace through compassion?

The regular guests in my serene salon have usually reflected upon many important questions before their arrival here.

As a guest yourself, you are most welcome to express your most enlightened opinions.

a) How will you go about doing so?

b) What do you hope to achieve by stating your point of view? 

c) How will what you have to say make any difference in relation to conflict?

1. Are you one of the many volunteers and/or low-paid workers of the world who feel you are treated with disrespect, especially by well-paid workers in organisations supposedly meant to provide co-operation, care and support for you and/or others?

2. Are you one of the many unemployed people, underemployed people and/or people with one or more disabilities who has unfulfilled needs and ambitions?

3. Have you ever suffered from occupational burnout or compassion fatigue?

4. Do you believe rudeness, impatience and negativity to be too prevalent in your society, and/or in societies you have visited?

5. Have you ever felt that you have been taken for granted and not respected for your true worth as a person, and even as a citizen, a customer, a tax payer or an employer?

6. Do you currently have a boring and meaningless job with no sense of direction in your life?

7. Have you ever felt you require far more compassionate understanding from others than you are currently receiving?

8. Do you often feel powerless, and frustrated with unsympathetic responses towards yourself and/or others?

What is your state of mind after reading the above questions?  What sorts of emotions are you feeling?  What sorts of memories came into your consciousness?  And how do you express compassion yourself?