Saturday, February 22, 2014

Enlightened Morality

How does enlightened morality manifest itself in your life?

Many mere mortals have a great deal of difficulty understanding the source of enlightened morality.  The same source also provides the essence of enlightened mortality and enlightened morale.  Are you aware of that source at all?

You may yourself possess the ethereal strength to ensure the morale and morality of my guests is upheld and enhanced, regardless of the unfortunate situations in which they often find themselves.  I am sure everyone here wishes to know the source of your most peaceful form of strength.

Lady Facebookian and I have both initiated some enlightening discussions about creating world peace.  We undoubtedly require several million persons to assist us.  I do hope that one of them is you.

Even if you find Lady Facebookian to be rather overbearing at times, as I do myself, I hope you will enjoy creating world peace in all sorts of morally acceptable ways.  Please take this opportunity to contribute to the creation of world peace.  After all, the most urgent moral imperative is your own.