Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Enlightened Leadership

What do you believe to be the essential qualities of an enlightened leader?

It is not necessarily easy to be an enlightened leader, as I know from my own experiences.

Firstly, one is required to acquire an enlightened education.

Secondly, a few enlightened friendships are essential to nurture.

Subsequently, one must then make the distinction between the various purposes to which one's leadership is to be put.

Even persons rarely invited to attend my now celebrated salon are aware that I am currently regarded as the world's most peaceful head of state.  Ideas about world peace are, of course, frequently whispered, or even shouted, within the well-known establishment of Lady Facebookian.  They occasionally recount the activities and conversations heard and overheard here in this serene salon.

Questions about peace and understanding are essential for everyone to answer. A strong, enlightened leader will obviously encourage everyone to think for themselves.  Unenlightened persons have some very peculiar answers even when asked: What is peace?

If you are currently contributing to peace and understanding through your own enlightened leadership, and through your ethereal relationships, I hope my salon may also inspire you to seek a few pleasant moments of silence, but not necessarily at this moment.  Finding quietness on a daily basis is a skill to acquire by any enlightened leader.  It is always important to consider where the inspiration for world peace can be found.

I am sure you are interested in how peace can best be understood.  You are already aware that world peace requires strong, enlightened cultural leadership.  It therefore requires an understanding of enlightenment and culture.

Please note that I do not consider myself to be a rival of the acquisitive and inquisitive Lady Facebookian, though that personage may have a different opinion on the matter.  Lady Facebookian is known to invite all and sundry to be her friends, though that in itself may be part of her strategy for creating world peace.  My own guests prefer to know what is yours.

I am particularly keen to ensure you enjoy this serene salon.  Unfortunately creating world peace merely begins with enlightened cultural leadership.  For it to become firmly established and perpetuated, it requires enlightened political leadership.  This is far more difficult to achieve.

Enlightened political leadership begins with an understanding of the most peaceful and philosophical meaning of activity, action and agency.  This must be followed immediately by an awareness of social freedom and agency more generally.  It is also necessary to understand the purpose and management of tasks, and the difference between potential and achievement.

Within her own dwelling, Lady Facebookian also attempts to welcome everyone to participate in some peaceful and enlightening discussions on similar themes to those discussed here. It appears that she is one of my followers in that regard, though I do not necessarily consider her to be a friend.  She likes so many things I consider to be distasteful.

As an enlightened leader yourself, you will probably be contributing to suitably peaceful ethereal, digital and material relationships and various enlightened discussions.   You will be aware that the creation of world peace requires no physical headquarters in the 21st century.  The advocates of peace therefore never need to meet in person, though they can certainly enjoy gently lively interactions through enlightened online discussion.

As you appear to be still awake, please join some peaceful and enlightening discussions.  You may have an interest in literary contributions to world peace, too.

Whatever your age and current material location, your contributions to the conversations here are truly sought, even if you would rather snooze.