Thursday, April 09, 2015

The Celebratory Essence of World Peace

Who usually joins you for the celebratory essence of world peace?

As you are probably aware, dear guest, the celebratory essence of world peace includes mutual affection, respect for creative and reflective interludes, and an understanding of the profoundly voluntary basis of every peaceful interaction.

If you are currently unwell, do please seek the services of qualified physicians and empathic politicians as soon as possible.

If you are grieving, please accept my sympathy and support for you most suitable commemorations.

If you have experienced or perceived an injustice, please do not feel you are alone.

Inordinate amounts of self-pity and other forms of obnoxiousness are always unpleasant.  It is why an enlightened being would immediately stop investing in such situations and relationships.  It is not healthy to prefer spending time around persons wishing to encourage you to feel miserable and/or perpetually inebriated/intoxicated/irascible and/or argumentative.

In my capacity as president of the Australian Political Reform Club, I have reserved an elegantly situated table in Mr Twitter's Coffee House.  One of my private secretaries is likely to be there if I am unable to be in attendance myself, as will be my very dear, ethereal friend, Miss Catherine Helen Spence.  

Regardless of your own geographical and political responsibilities, you are most welcome to ensure your opinions on creating world peace are suitably examined and appropriately discussed and celebrated in that location:


I am always delighted to hear about various inspirations for enlightened peace, especially here in my salon, or even in the parlour