Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Training for Peace

Where have you already received training for peace?

As one of the world's most prestigious suppliers of training for peace, the International Training Centre for the Harmonious Interplay of Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence currently provides an excellent introductory course for mature, kind, generous, relatively prosperous individuals.

The training takes place over forty weeks.  Most of the students are over forty years of age.  The fees are very reasonable, beginning at $40,000 in Australia on a PPP basis.

The skills acquired are remarkably useful in the long term.  The superficial pleasures of instant gratification are thereby avoided.

If you are considering applying to attend, please ensure you are familiar with the ethereal environment in which the course is held, namely here in this digital Adelaidean villa.  Most of the training takes place in the same location as this serene salon, which is certainly most suitable.

For anyone unable to afford the fees, a budget-conscious version is sometimes on offer through the service wing.  However, there is a great deal more reading to do for anyone wishing to experience such a great deal.

To receive an outline of what is included in the first-class course, please first contribute some of your own suggestions on what you would prefer, and expect, to learn.

At present, here in this salon, there are several very important discussions about developing the curriculum, particularly concerning:

1.  Excellent training for strong, enlightened cultural leadership

2.  The meaning, purpose and consequences of enlightened being

3.  How enlightened democracy is progressing around the world

4.  What is meant by epiphanies of peace within various cultures

5.   A more general examination of a culture of peace

6.   Who is best able to express peace through good reasoning