Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Good Society

Who are the most expensive persons in any society?

The above question is rarely asked of governments though it is one of the most important ones to answer.

People are expensive in four ways:

1. As a consequence of what they do
2. As a consequence of what they do not do
3. As a consequence of their good fortune
4. As a consequence of their misfortune

An expensive person costs society a great deal.  An inexpensive person does not.

The most expensive persons are the ones failing to keep the rest of society safe.

Expensive persons are often violent.  They are often manipulative.  They are often selfish and greedy.  They often have a sense of entitlement, leading them to believe they can behave as they please.

They often believe other people owe them loyalty.  They believe they deserve to be obeyed.  They often lack insight into the consequences of their behaviour.  They fail to have respect for the long-term well-being of other people.

They lack compassion.  They lack understanding.  They think mainly of themselves.

In a good society, those persons do not deserve to be free.  Everyone else in a good society deserves to be free.  To be free is to feel safe, supported and possibly even affluent.  Every society has to choose between supporting abuse or supporting safety.

That choice begins by thinking about love.

Ideas about love require decisions about language.

Peaceful language is expressed through enlightened leadership and enlightened literature.

Peace is always a reflection of true enlightenment.

A good society is therefore one with a culture of peace.

If you wish to be part of a good society, you are invited to join the conversations.