Saturday, September 19, 2015

Peace and Peace

How do you act in accordance with peace, on every occasion?

In the 21st century, drama is any activity drawing attention to itself.  As the patron of the National School of Acting and Effective Action in Nilkawt, I am pleased to inform all guests, here in my Adelaideans salon for world peace, that all acting professionals trained in Nilkawt are highly accomplished.  They know how to avoid attracting attention to themselves, especially internationally.

Attracting attention should be avoided by everyone, unless in urgent need of assistance.  Even then, it is unacceptable to expect everyone to be able to assist. Other people have urgent needs, too.  It is why enlightened self-help is an essential first step in everyone's democratic duties.

Although finding the most suitable assistance can often be a challenge, that is a political issue.  The problem usually relates to the fact that, with so many persons attracting attention to themselves unnecessarily and somewhat selfishly, the providers of service available to assist persons in urgent need of support are unable to attract the attention of those persons due to the fact that entertainers and sports persons have reached the attention of the persons in need instead.  As a consequence, when people find themselves in difficulties, no-one knows about the services available to assist them.

This is why enlightened, trustworthy local news services are so important.  Everyone in the world needs the freedom to develop their own news services.  By doing so, they have the ability to hold attention-seekers to account, uncover corruption, suggest ways to improve policies and plans, and highlight the best of society.

War attracts attention even though all enlightened persons want peace.

Advertising attempts to attract attention.

Entertainers want to attract attention to themselves.

Persons seeking votes wish to attract the attention of potential voters.

Businesses wish to attract the attention of potential customers.

Customers want to attract the attention of an inattentive sales assistant.

A person in pain usually wishes to attract the attention of someone with the ability to relieve that pain, preferably for no direct payment for doing so.

Were you at the meeting of the Enlightened Nations on Thursday?  If so, you did not manage to attract my attention.

Today, as so many persons are attempting to attract attention to themselves downstairs in the parlour here in Villa Twaklinilkawt, I have opened my salon for anyone wishing to discuss peace and its place in literature.

In some ways, all forms are literature, and all writings, can be viewed as if they are self-help manuals.  Why else would anyone bother reading anything unless it is, directly or indirectly, for their own benefit?

If you wish to participate in the International Twaklinesque Literary Festival of Twaklinian Poetry and Twaklinist Prose, downstairs in the parlour, I believe it would be to your benefit to know at least a little about yesterday's proceedings:

The morning session

The afternoon session

The ethereal director of the festival, Alex, and one of the main ethereal sponsors, Elizabeth, will be assisted today by William, Sue and Kardzonda.

Yesterday, Alex very kindly provided a display of my own Twaklinian writings, namely a few Twakinesque blog-pamphlet notes from my Twaklinological science studio, here in Villa Twaklinilkawt.

These are now presented for enlightening purposes here in my salon:

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