Saturday, October 03, 2015

Mozart as a Peace Symbol

Who considers Mozart to be a peace symbol, and why?

To celebrate Mozart often means to celebrate peace.

Yet Mozart can also signify a hope for peace.

Do you usually associate Mozart with prosperity and perhaps even wealth?

Here are a few signs and symbols to reflect upon:

Mozart is often associated with a global gathering for peaceful leadership.

He is also associated with starting again at the beginning.

Mozart is even associated with enlightened peace.

An indirect purposes of this salon for world peace is to prevent occupational burnout, compassion fatigue and various forms of apathy and indifference.  Finding the balance in life is not about work versus home.  It is about finding a place for joy and peaceful playfulness in a world of burdens and distress.

In the music room Mozart is frequently mentioned in relation to peace.

Mozart is also mentioned in the music room in relation to changing the world for the better in other ways.

The Mozarty Party has spent many years perfecting its technique, its style and its performances.

The Mozarty Party knows how to compose euphonious policies.

It has perfected ways to manage indications of indignity and acceptable standards of indignation.

The party has also gained an appreciation of politics and violets.

The Mozarty Party, of which I am the global campaign manager, obviously has a foreign policy for grown ups.

The party spends much of its time converting people to the cause of world peace.

Yet Mozart had a devotion to opera, and opera often highlights conflict.

Wishing you peace with Mozart.