Sunday, November 15, 2015

Creating World Peace

For thousands of years, the desire to create world peace has resulted in failure.  The main question of the defeatists is often: Why bother?

Yet creating world peace gives life a wonderfully pleasant sense of purpose, even when there is so much violence in the way.  Unlike other forms of defeatism, denying the possibility of a peaceful future make life itself futile.  The defeatists then say:  Why bother with life?

Creativity is a process of trial and error, regardless of the desired result.  Having a magnificent end result in mind gives hope.  The only enlightened end result of true magnificence is world peace.

To most enlightened persons, I am known as a lady of some philosophical, managerial, scientific, operatic, philanthropic and literary repute.  Modesty prevents me from agreeing with their opinions.  I certainly have expertise in the art and science of creativity, hence my creative salon for world peace.

It is important to remember that any attack on peace is an attack on democracy.  There is no true peace without enlightened democracy, elegant egalitarianism and emotional maturity.

Enlightened persons in the 21st century are certainly aware of my activities and extensive experiences as a free-range social commentator, policy analyst and cultural critic.  These are tasks for which I am exceedingly well qualified, especially whilst sipping tea downstairs in the parlour.

Occasionally, I have made the acquaintance of a varied assortment of personages within Mr Twitter's gossipy coffee house, as well as at the unusual soirĂ©es of Lady Facebookian, though my staff and admirers are more often to be found in such digitally unpredictable environments than I am myself.

The ridiculous immaturity of much social media - and journalism more generally - is reflected in the fact that a desire to archive something for future analysis can most conveniently be achieved through misperceptions.  The archiving process is always fraught with many challenges.

Whenever one wishes to have a document filed in the social media sphere, merely to store the information for future assessment, Mr Twitter and Lady Facebookian appear to believe one likes the content.  All one truly wishes to do is provide the knowlege with which future generations can continue pursuing the creation of enlightened knowledge, enlightened peace and an enlightened approach to history.

When defeatism is equated with refusing to fight other people's wars, history shows that it can be severely and unfairly punished.   It is often the people who desire peace who are called defeatist in such circumstances.  War does not create peace.  Only peace creates peace.

Competitiveness does not create peace.  Hostility does not create peace.  Peace creates peace to create more peace.  This is why a less confrontational, less antagonistic approach to democracy is required.

True peace is not appeasement.  True peace is always in conflict with the opponents of true peace.

In view of this, true peace does not involve fighting.  It involves the prevention of abuse and all forms of cruelty.  This is the main duty of the advocates of democracy.

You will already have heard that the Earl of YouTube has been attempting to assist my work.  In fact, he has been involved with designing the little theatre here in Villa Twaklinilkawt.

I am also frequently invited to visit Lord Google's premises to promote the commercial activities of that personage and his brother the earl.  On many occasions, however, I am to be found examining information in the Duke and Duchess of Wikipedia's library, at least whenever I am not in one of my own libraries

Suitably courteous investigations have obviously formed the basis of my globally relevant and impeccably scientific blog-pamphleteering interludes.  Even so, it is always important to display magnanimously elegant defiance whenever brutality and stupidity arise from the quagmire of social quandaries.

Although I conduct a great deal of correspondence, I have the capacity to do so with relative ease.  This has particularly been the case since the invention of efficient computational machines.

Should you wish to participate in any of my pursuits, do let me know.  It is quite easy for you to do so, just by initiating a suitably courteous, witty and insightful correspondence with my private secretaries.  Purposeful literary pleasantries can often make one's tea taste better.

Would you like to be added to my collection of peaceful volunteers at all?  New volunteers are always welcome in my Adelaidean library.  I also currently collect admirers of my own literary works, especially amongst the persons who volunteer to assist in the library and in the world.

There should never be concessions made to individuals and groups expressing belligerence towards peaceful persons and pursuits.  At the same time, overly generous concessions to peaceful persons may have unforseen consequences.  Laziness and complacency should never be encouraged.

Do you travel about much at all?  I find that moving between Adelaide and Nilkawt, and even between Adelaide and anywhere else for that matter, often requires the dignified services of intellectual horses, at least whenever the delightful technology of celestial teapots is not required.  Public transport is often unreliable, as are most of the human drivers of internal combustion vehicles.

I particularly enjoy walking on proper footpaths in refreshingly pleasant air whilst wearing very good shoes.  Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find either proper footpaths or good shoes in Adelaide.  In most parts of the world it is impossible even to find refreshingly pleasant air.

One of my most important annual duties is to attend the World Enlightenment Forum.  As the Founder and Executive Chairpersonage and current patroness, I have had a long-standing and long-sitting relationship with the forum.  I have also had many long walks with its dignified delegates on footpaths, roadways, alleyways, bridges and lawns of variable quality.

How do you participate in the political process towards an enlightened democracy?  Are you an enlightened leader at all?  Do you have beautifully understandable and magnificent policies for the creation of world peace and global prosperity?