Thursday, November 19, 2015

From the West to Enlightenment

What is the difference between the West and Enlightenment?

Whenever the media turns 
Tragedy into drama,
Enlightenment is

Whenever freedom and democracy are 
Labelled as the West,
Enlightenment is

Whenever peace is maintained only
With the threat of violence,
Enlightenment is

Whenever evidence, reason and moderation are 
Enlightenment is

Whenever the eternal wisdom within all cultures is 
Enlightenment is

Whenever the world welcomes
Enlightenment is

Whenever individuals and groups seek 
Mutual understanding, 
Only then is enlightenment

Whenever deliberations are 
Inclusively dignified, 
Enlightenment is

Welcome to this salon today, dear guest.  Are you familiar with the introductory manual at all?

Before I return to Nilkawt, I thought I would make a few final comments here in Villa Twaklinilkawt before my departure.  As you can tell, I have presented a sample of my poetry for your enlightened reflection and critique.

How do you contribute to the peaceful arts?

Twaklinian poetry 
Is rarely evocative.  
At no time is it 
Angrily provocative.  
It always encourages 

My poetry is of the Twaklinian sort, of course.  It is not particularly difficult for most people to interpret.  It is neither excessively modern nor excessively traditional.  Its imagery is peaceful and tasteful yet invoking societies towards both current realities and future, enlightened possibilities.

As all my guests with peaceful minds will be aware, societies are either enlightened, inclusive, peaceful, democratic and free or they are not.  Every society consists of intertwining relationships, some of which are more enlightened and peaceful than others.

How do you usually contribute to peaceful relationships?

In all societies in the 21st century, there are relationships between individuals, and between individuals and nature.  There are relationships between individuals and institutions.  There are also relationships beyond one geographic region, into other societies.

Unlike unenlightened societies, as you will already be aware, every enlightened society is truly inclusive, peaceful, democratic and free.  Yet enlightened inclusion, like enlightened peace itself, can often be misinterpreted.

It is well known that democracy and freedom can take on many unenlightened meanings.  Few societies are truly inclusive.

What does inclusion mean to you, dear guest?  Do you feel adequately included here in my serene salon?

Inclusion is like a prosimetrum
As is an enlightened life.  
Inclusion includes both 
Poetry and prose,
Not unnecessary strife.

My own prose style is obviously Twaklinist.  When the Twaklinian and the Twaklinist combine, the result is the Twaklinesque.

Enlightened inclusion is based on evidence, reason, gracious hospitality, interpersonal respect and other necessities.

Enlightened inclusion does not include the rude, the selfish, the lazy, the greedy or the ruthlessly competitive.

Enlightened inclusion does not include the excessively superstitious or the excessively arrogant.

Enlightened inclusion does not include persons likely to spread rumours, lies or easily preventable diseases.

Enlightened inclusion does not include persons likely to denigrate science or debase science for their own purposes.

Enlightened inclusion does not include persons seeking to profit from the gullibility of other individuals.

Enlightened inclusion never exploits anyone unfairly for financial, sexual or emotional purposes.

The biggest danger in the world today, as it has always been, is gullibility.  That is why, since becoming the Nilkawtian head of state, I have continued with my work as the chief executive officer of the International Training Centre for the Harmonious Interplay of Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence.

Who else has the knowledge with which to identify persons worthy of enlightened inclusion?

Who else provides the necessary training for enlightened inclusion in an enlightened society?

Nilkawt is certainly an enlightened society though it is not currently situated in the West.  Even the word West is subjective from the geographical and philosophical position of the Nilkawtians.

Inclusion in Nilkawt is far more enlightened than inclusion in the West.  Inclusion in Nilkawt is based on carefully graded teachings and assessments, as well as appropriate additional, quaternary training.

Who do you believe should decide who is to be included or excluded from a society in its entirety?

Who should be excluded from freedom within a society, and particularly in the society in which you are usually situated?

What does an enlightened approach to peace, freedom and democracy mean to you?

Through all my duties, including the presentation of my poetry, I attempt to express evidence, elegance, equanimity, magnanimity and beneficence, as I am sure you will have noticed.  Those qualities are, of course, part of the essence of enlightenment, but not necessarily of the West.

From the West to Enlightenment,
Hold a mirror to your government.

An enlightened civilisation
Is inclusive, not abusive.

Participate in democracy
To shape a better policy.
Enlightened political choices
Involve listening to many voices.

Enlightened education
Privileges evidence, not ideas.

Enlightened peace will never cease,
Only increase.


Whenever you feel frightened
Allow your mind to be enlightened,
Through pictures, prose or poetry,

To enlightenment from the West,
As a resident or a guest,
Is not truly necessary
When a quest involves hospitality.

With the east, the south and north
The west is only a fourth.
It is not for the West to enlighten,
When politicians try to frighten.

Once enlightenment fills the mind,
Trustworthiness can be defined.
Democracy, peace and freedom,
Where are they when you need them?