Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Preventing Military Pollution

How are you preventing military pollution at present?

This Remembrance Day, the guests here in my salon for world peace are reflecting on the pollution caused by military intervention, military conscription, military waste, military haste, military hate, military fate, militants, paramilitaries, militarism, militarisation, military vehicles, military forces, military courses but not necessarily military horses.  Every aggressive act by humans is unacceptable, though not all governments are militarist.

Anything involving the use of force or intimidation, whether by civilians, paramilitaries, terrorists or official members of the armed forces of a country, is likely to pollute a society physically and mentally.  It is also likely to cause poverty.

Access to weapons is itself a form of pollution.  No-one ever knows whether a weapon will be used for defensive or aggressive purposes.  Human behaviour is never predictable on the level of the individual.  If that was the case, it would be easy enough for every society to prevent every crime.

The only freedom in the world is freedom from violence.  That can only occur when the means to be violent do not fall into the wrong hands.  Most hands are wrong because they are attached to the wrong brains.