Thursday, December 10, 2015

Enlightened Rights for All Humans

When and how can enlightened rights be upheld?

Welcome to this special Human Rights Day gathering here in my salon for world peace.  I am so glad you are able to be here amongst my other guests.  Many of my ethereal colleagues and dear friends are here too.

You are always considered to be a guest here.  Downstairs in the parlour, the supervisors will consider you to be a visitor.  In the main hallway, the Adelaide Adagia team will assume you to be a citizen-journalist and news reader, regardless of your citizenship.  In the music room, the assistants will regard you as an advocate of enlightened democracy, unless they receive evidence to the contrary.

Have you taken the tour of Villa Twaklinilkawt yet?

As my most distinguished guests readily acknowledge, mutual respectfulness provides the foundation for all economic, social and cultural rights.  Such pleasantness also underpins all civil and political rights.

It is not possible to respect rudeness, except when used in the face of hubris.  Powerful persons become the enemy of humanity when they are abusive.  It is therefore acceptable to ridicule tyrants and other aggressors.  How do you usually express your own power and communicate truth, dear guest?

As you may be aware, it is deeply distressing to me whenever the Geneva Conventions are ignored, abused or taken for granted.  No law or other form of rule is useful if it is not respected, upheld and enforced.  I am aware that provisions are in place to improve the situation, though will they be enough?

Improving unpleasant situations should be habitual for all good persons, at least after suitable training.  Improving anything becomes an art only when previous attempts to solve similarly unpleasant situations have failed.  Innovation merely means attempting to solve problems in new ways.

The abuse of power is a recurring problem.  The misuse of knowledge, money and physical strength frequently intrude upon the daily lives of nice, ordinary persons.

To indicate the need for innovation is to acknowledge the failure of past attempts to solve problems.  Gracious words mean little when they are not applied with suitably gentle effect and practical success.

It is often difficult for me, on the other side of your screen, to provide the leadership you are not providing yourself.  In my science studio, for example, I have often explored creative possibilities experimentally to ensure they will not cause harm when implemented more widely.  Do you have a science studio at all?

White and gold or blue and black?
There are many persons who either believe their own activities to be quite normal or they believe their television and Internet viewing habits provide an indication of normality.  It is most distressing.

World peace is the only acceptable indication of normality.  I provide an indication of its essence through the invitations I supply for you to attend my salon, here in Villa Twaklinilkawt.

To give joy and express peace is to provide favourable conditions for the second Age of Enlightenment to occur.  To experience enlightenment is to participate in a joyful and open-minded sense of wonder, curiosity, understanding, nurturing, appreciation, generosity and philanthropy.
To be free to provide enlightenment is to be able to express scientific knowledge and universal truth without fear of repression.  And all enlightened beings are aware that all universally acceptable truth is expressed in accordance with science and good reasoning.

How much awareness do you have of universal human rights and the history of their composition in documented form?  Why is it important to acknowledge that the rights were composed by a gathering of relatively intelligent and open-minded persons of considerable combined enlightenment?

To have the right to seek truth - and peace - and to speak truth - and peace - requires access to all possible sources of enlightenment.  It is well known that the political culture of most, if not all societies, is hideously unenlightened and terribly noisy.  Of course, I have provided evidence of several ways to solve that problem, in accordance with human rights.  Have you done the same?

As you are likely to be well aware, I have little tolerance of impertinence.  Respectfully appreciative persons always express suitably informed civility.  Several courses are available, in the parlour, on ways to become accomplished in the interpersonal sphere, dear guest.  I would never suggest directly that you are in need of such enlightenment.

Freedom of speech never allows for presumptuousness if such behaviour unfairly diminishes the dignity of anyone.  To be insolent is to be either ignorant or uncaring or both.  Do you have any prejudices or other forms of bias?

In practice, freedom of speech mainly means expressing the truth in the face of unjust power.  But what is unjust power and how may it peacefully be prevented?  Being able to answer this question will provide an indication of you own acquisition of enlightenment.

Unjust power erodes the enlightened rights of all humans, even if the rights of only one human are primarily eroded.  My desire is for peace, which obviously includes the desire to enjoy quiet interludes of my own choosing.  How do you usually respond to noisy situations?

I have been attempting to improve all sorts of situations for many years now.  Have you been doing likewise?

To live without being unnecessarily afraid is an enlightened right.  To have the sources of justifiable fear removed is an enlightened right.  To be free of the fear that one's basic needs will be unmet is an enlightened right.  To be free of the fear that one's human rights will be eroded is an enlightened right.

There is a connection between the public interest and free speech in any enlightened society, in accordance with basic rules of fairness and courtesy.  Societies can only be prosperous when there is trustworthiness, for example.

When justifiable fears are removed, society can function peacefully.  Freedom of worship is a difficult right to uphold, however, without a clear understanding of what it means in practice.  One person's idea of freedom in that regard is another person's idea of impertinence. 

What, then, is an enlightened right to worship freely?  What does it mean to worship?  There is, in any enlightened view of the subject, a clear distinction between worship and warship.

The United Nations currently believes the four human rights essential for all other human rights to exist are:

1. Freedom of speech
2. Freedom of worship
3. Freedom from want
4. Freedom from fear

All freedoms have limits.  Without limits, there is no freedom.  The expression of perceived limitlessness is, indeed, an abuse of human rights.

The tyranny of excess has long been notable as a cause of suffering, perhaps even more so than the tyranny of insufficiency.  Knowing the limits is an expression of enlightenment in itself.

But back to the most difficult question of the moment:

What is worship?

Does worship involve freedom of speech?  Does it involve freedom from want?  Does it involve freedom from fear?  Does it involve some sort of respect?

I am often unaware as to why you are on the other side of the screen, dear guest.  What are you doing there?  What are your intentions?  Whose mind are you peering into at any particular moment?

Worship is a word meaning worthy of honour.  You are my honoured guest here, though I do not worship you, quite obviously.  I know very little about you, in fact.  It would be presumptuous of me to think otherwise.  I will assume you are trustworthy until I receive evidence to the contrary, in which case my security agents are likely to pop into your life quite unexpectedly.

I am likely to praise you if you act in accordance with the enlightened rights of all humans.  If you extend your compassion towards other beings, even non-human ones, you will certainly have my deepest respect.  Are you aware of the balance of nature at all?

As a scientist, I am obviously keen to worship the truth whenever the possibility arises.  Screens make the acquisition of truth so much more interesting, I find.  Yet the context of knowledge is frequently overlooked by persons believing themselves to express acts of worship.

Do you live much of your life behind one sort of screen or another?  Which side of the screen do you believe most expresses reality?

I am currently inhabiting your imagination, if you did not know that already.  What else, and who else, is in your imagination at present?  What, and who, is receiving most of your attention?  To whom are you devoted?  Who most has your trust?

Routines and rituals can often be taken for granted, especially if they are considered to be somehow normal.  They may even become meaningless, boring and oppressive if they are considered to be empty and even hypocritical.

The freedom to avoid oppressive rituals is a human right.  Such freedom is an aspect not only of freedom from fear and freedom of speech but it also constitutes a considerable part of freedom from want.

If you require sleep, you will not want other people's routines and rituals intruding upon that need.  If you are ill you will not want other people's expressions of freedom delaying or preventing your recovery.

The essence of human rights is that everyone's needs are important.  Children, for example, do not have more rights than adults as far as human rights are concerned, and vice versa.  Rich people do not have more human rights than poor people.  City people do not have more human rights than rural people.  All ethnic groups have the same human rights.  All individuals have the same human rights.

All people have the right to express an opinion when they believe something to be wrong, but only if they do so with proper evidence, in good faith and with due respect for everyone's needs.  Do you believe your values to be in accordance with the enlightened rights of all humans?  If so, how do you express those rights?  How are you attempting to ensure human rights are duly upheld throughout the world?

You may have an opinion on the future of the world, and the rights of animals and plants to participate in that future as much as humans.   When do expressions of a desire for safety become oppressive, in your view?  What are your views on the subject of enlightened security?

The guidance I supply to my guests, in order to save them from future embarrassment, punishment, or any other sort of danger, is much like a folding screen.  I am not the guidance myself.  I am merely a guide.  You are required to use your own observations and imagination to assess each situation

I am aware, for example, that air has a tendency to warm and cool faster than water, tea and solids.  Do you have an acquaintance with thermal physics at all?

The enlightened rights of all humans are matched by the enlightened duties of all humans.  I have a reputation for particular expertise in the latter.  Are you aware of those duties yourself?

Every person has a duty to uphold an enlightened approach to democracy, as no doubt you will be aware if you have ever observed what happens in public life when enlightened scrutiny is lacking.  Enlightened rights are the basis of enlightened duties, of course, and vice versa.

Morality cannot be enforced through the hypocritical abuse of human rights.  To use threats and force as a way to uphold one's own view of morality will usually lead to unpleasantness and the abuse of human rights.

To worship ritually, without thought, is itself likely to become a form of hypocrisy sooner or later.  Without thought, there are no rights or duties.  To be without thought is to be like a screen, or a machine.  It is to deny the human in oneself, and most likely, other people.

Cultures have a tendency to change when circumstances change.  New knowledge provides a new circumstance.  Travel provides new knowledge.  Study provides new knowledge.  New acquaintances provide new knowledge.  Extreme weather conditions provide new knowledge.  Changes in fortune provide new knowledge.

You would not be here in my salon for world peace if not for the fact that you are seeking new knowledge yourself, dear guest.  What have you so far acquired here?  What do you still seek to acquire?

I am aware that Australia is something of an embarrassment on the world stage, on many occasions.  It is why, not long ago, I accepted the offer to become the Head of State of Nilkawt.  Having attempted to display enlightened leadership in Australia for several years, only to have my efforts ignored by impossibly impertinent persons in positions of power, I have resorted to international pursuits with unusual intensity, but never in excess of what is required.

Recently, for example, I provided guidance from my Adelaidean boudoir to everyone attending significant events in Paris.  I have known for many years that gloom and doom messages never work.  They make people feel powerless.  And powerlessness in itself is a consequence of fear.

It is an enlightened human right to feel able to change unpleasant situations.  With that empowerment comes a duty to learn how to act wisely, compassionately and effectively to maintain dignity.  It is why all the recent supervisors of my Adelaidean parlour have been provided with the knowledge with which to guide visitors towards enlightened peace.  And enlightened peace is itself an enlightened right and an enlightened duty when facing possible vulnerability.

In 1789, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere had already begun to increase.  The industrial revolution had started in the middle of that century, in the middle of a small island in the middle latitudes of the northern hemisphere. 

If you do not believe humans are contributing to global warming, you obviously have no understanding of the way science works.  You are thereby denying human rights to future generations.  This means that you are not only ignorant and rude but also dangerous.  Something must be done to prevent you from having excessive influence in the world, which is why I am here to stop you.

Whether you have a small screen or a large one is irrelevant.  What matters is that you acquire the humility and humanity with which to become enlightened.

Ensuring the air is safe for current and future generations is not enough.  It is also necessary to make the oceans and seas as safe as possible, and the land, of course.  It is everyone's duty to do so.  If you are concerned about such matters, and not as ignorant or impertinent as deniers of facts, then I am certainly willing to assist you.

Whether your screen folds or not is a matter of little consequence to me.  Is it durable, do you think?

Natural disasters have often been the cause of considerable discomfort and distress in the world.  It is everyone's enlightened duty to prevent all sorts of disasters, on any day of the week.  However, most of my own efforts towards saving the world are pursued on Friday afternoons.  How do you ensure important priorities have a suitable place in your schedule, dear guest?

The world before 1750 is referred, in scientific circles, as pre-industrial times.  However, there has always been industry.  It is just another name for work.

To be more accurate, which is in any case the duty of all scientists, it is necessary to discuss the climatological consequences of the industrial revolution.  From 1750 onwards, give or take a few years, the world has been experiencing revolutionary industrial times, in agriculture and in the production of various items and services.  There have also been many political revolutions and counter-revolutions in that time, of course.

Since 1750, there have been revolutions in trade, in education, in finance and communication, and in many other aspects of human culture.  Now, nature is causing a revolution itself.  The world's atmosphere has been stable for much of the last 800,000 years, so why should humans have a right to interfere with it?

For much of the past 800,000 years, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have varied between about 180 parts per million (ppm) and 300 ppm.  It has only risen above 300 ppm since 1750.  It has now reached 400 ppm.

As an enlightened being, I have never wished to inflict suffering on anyone.  I have provided warnings from time to time, mainly to ensure everyone has the chance to reach safety.

Knowledge about atmospheric carbon dioxide levels has been accumulated though the careful analysis of ice core samples.  In addition, information about the early atmosphere can been gained through the analysis of layered rocks which happen to be rich in silicon and iron.

But what of the future?  I do hope you are especially willing to understand the consequences of burning fossil fuels, dear guest.  I know it can be exhausting to become adequately acquainted with the facts though I do my best to ensure the science is comprehensible to everyone.

Are you willing to reflect on the consequences of your past, present and future decisions?  Are you willing to be wisely and compassionately innovative in your future use of both dangerous and benign substances?  How, for example, are you avoiding being wasteful and disrespectful?

I do enjoy hearing from my earlier guests about how they are creating world peace at present.  No doubt you are eager to ensure your news on that matter reaches everyone as soon as possible.  Your ability to lead the world towards a safe and prosperous future is obviously one of my main concerns at present.   Have you kept up with all the required readings?

How do you ensure you are listening to the right people at the right time?  How do you take your accumulated awareness into consideration when making decisions and preparing plans?

It is wise to be sceptical when the evidence is unclear, but it is stupid to remain sceptical when the evidence is unequivocal.  No-one could doubt the cause of global warming when examining the facts.

Although natural occurrences are known to cool the atmosphere catastrophically for short periods, human induced global warming is likely to have much longer term consequences.  Are you familiar with the earth sciences more generally?

To appreciate information from experts in an enlightened manner, it is obviously necessary to be acquainted with the general subject matter to which such persons attempt to make a contribution.  You may know something about bushfires, otherwise known as wildfires.  You may know something about the greenhouse effect.

Although humour is necessary in order to keep up morale, reduce disillusionment and act with sufficient pleasure against self-interested fear-mongers and selfish deniers of dangers, the necessity for seriousness should never be overlooked.  To express enlightened rights is itself a duty.

Please keep your screen clean, regardless of your views about worship.  No-one should have a rude screen except for reasons of art and enlightenment.  Depending on your cultural preferences, however, you may wish to maintain a rood screen in your vicinity.

The Anthropocene is ecologically obscene.  Large-scale volcanic eruptions may cool the climate for a year or a decade, but the long-term trend is for ever warmer consequences of human-induced climate change.

The unusual political events of 1789 were partly a consequence of volcanic events in 1783.  As well as rock samples and ice cores, the global climate has been measured using tree ring samples.

Without the atmosphere, the Earth would be far too cold for life to continue.  But what will happen if the Earth becomes far too warm for life to continue, and when is that likely to occur?

Civil unrest happens whenever people's needs are inadequately met.  Volcanic winters, impact winters and nuclear winters are obvious threats to photosynthesis and other necessary biological processes.  It is therefore everyone's duty to provide the conditions in which all people can be adequately comfortable at all times.

Since 1750, business empires have expanded their influence considerably, overlapping and combining with the power of national empires.  Making the distinction between legitimate profit and abusive greed is an enlightened duty.  How does your own life reflect that duty?

In the pre-1750 world, the problems caused by nature, and by a lack of understanding of nature, were considerable.  Nevertheless, the heat from the sun was not trapped excessively within the Earth's atmosphere.  Climate stability therefore occurred.

Human-induced changes in the atmosphere of the Earth increased in rapidity around 1850.  Yet from 1750 onwards, half of the carbon dioxide emmissions from fossil fuels and cement production have occurred since the mid 1970s.

It is the enlightened right of all individuals is to assert their own legitimate, individual moral superiority, not on the basis of religion or any other aspect of culture, but on the basis of evidence. logic and other aspects of good reasoning - in the context of universal human rights.  Groups do not have moral superiority.  To assert that they do is tantamount to hypocrisy.

There is plenty of evidence to show that individuals within powerful groups cover up their crimes behind a screen of prestige.  Whether you are fit to be considered as morally superior depends on how fit you are for a position of enlightened cultural leadership.

Can you afford to acquire the most suitable shoes for the position?  Are you willing to help other people to stand up comfortably and conscientiously for the enlightened rights of all humans?

How will you communicate your leadership over the next twelve months, and the next twelve years?  You will know, of course, that there is likely to be an increased frequency and severity of El NiƱo events in the years ahead as a consequence of global warming.

In the parlour over the past few days and weeks, there has been much discussion over the training manuals supplied there for your urgent perusal, especially if you happen to be an Australian.  There has also been much discussion in the music room, though everyone there is also busy rehearsing for an exceedingly important forthcoming event.

Do please mingle with the other guests and various other enlightened beings while you are here.  How will you communicate your concerns for the future, and your possible innovations?  Have you composed any interesting, workable ideas at all?

How do you usually screen out offensive comments?  What do you believe to be the enlightened rights for all humans?  I am sure everyone here in my salon would feel encouraged by your informed suggestions.

Just as smoking is no longer an acceptable habit, nor are other long-term problems.  I do hope you agree.  If not, what on Earth are you still doing here?

The big question of the moment, however, is:  What sort of life do you want in the future?  Most people wish to be comfortable physically, emotionally, socially and emotionally.  Are they able to do it without excessive carbon dioxide emissions, even in Australia?

A delegation of ladies from the Revolutionary Climatological Needlepoint Committee is still in Paris.  The delegation has especially been examining the political situation and the quality of the furnishings during the somewhat secretive negotiations.

I have also heard that a personage representing South Australians was seen in Paris a few days ago.  The ladies wonder what it really means in terms of investment.  They are certainly aware of the embodied energy in all their own activities.  It is an enlightened right of all persons to be able to understand their own influence in the world.  Are you fully aware of the energy intensity of all your own activities, dear guest?

Screens have been used in history to provide privacy and to provide protection.  You may have heard of a fire screen, for example.  There are also smoke screens, unfortunately.

He is not permitted to be here
The servants here in Villa Twaklinilkawt do their best to ensure the atmosphere here stays healthy.  It is everyone's enlightened right to have a healthy atmosphere, physically, socially and financially

It is well known that, in more ways than one, the world is facing a future of enlightenment or nothing.  I have already provided a copy of the Enlightened Nations' Introductory Training Manual for Enlightened Peace for the perusal of my guests.

How are you creating world peace, did you say?  I seem to forgotten what you are doing to make a sufficient contribution.  How are you preventing military pollution?

Have you ever received observer status at the Enlightened Nations?  

It is unlikely that I shall hold a salon here in Villa Twaklinilkawt for some time to come.  However, you are most welcome to examine the earlier reports of proceedings here from 2011 onwards.

There have been many peaceful pursuits here concerning culture and literature, love and enlightenment and leadership.  Further explorations regarding these topics are likely elsewhere in the coming months, subject to sufficiently enlightened public interest.  Do you believe it is an enlightened right and duty of all humans to make informed contributions to such matters?

I have often enjoyed recalling the wonderful contributions to my salon in previous years, though the obstacles to peace have often been exhausting to examine.  2011 was the first year in which ordinary mortals were invited to attend this salon.   Only a few of my salon invitations were sent to digital guests in 2012 and 2013.  

You will probably already know that I have had a great many duties in my Adelaidean science studio over recent years.  Many experiments have taken place there concerning the decisions of persons purporting to be leaders.   I have also had a great many duties in my Adelaidean boudoir with regard to the same topic.

Here in this salon last year, many enlightened aspects of rights and duties were discussed.  If there is anything here you wish to research further, you are most welcome to study in the library of enlightenment.

Whenever an established way of doing anything is insufficiently enlightened, I obviously have as much right as you do, dear guest, to improve the situation.  It appears to me that your screen needs cleaning, as do your fingers.  Your knowledge of the world obviously needs improvement, too.

How many specific instances of your enlightened rights to knowledge have you experienced in the past forty-eight hours?  How will you use that knowledge to ensure you make the world a better place than it would be without you?

I have received an indication that you have not yet completed all the introductory tutorials proposed for your enlightenment.

I have also been told that you are about to receive an invitation to investigate the archives here in Villa Twaklinilkawt, where your presence will be under the supervision of several of my esteemed colleagues.

Now though, do please ensure you are thoroughly aware of all the enlightened rights for all humans.