Friday, February 05, 2016

Enjoying a Better World

What does it mean to enjoy a better world?

In the music room of Villa Twaklinilkawt today, each visitor has been invited to imagine a better world through the Twaklinesque arts.  Of course, anyone visiting my Adelaidean music room will always be invited to compose the policies required before a better world can occur.

Most persons wishing to enjoy a better world are likely to reflect on that possible experience whilst visiting my Adelaidean boudoir.  Indeed, they may also examine evidence of a better world in my main Adelaidean science studio.

In addition, when I began to supervise the development of the first volume of Adelaide Adagia, several years ago now, I had hoped that a better world would begin in Adelaide itself.  Yet even the Adelaideans are still waiting to hear about better policies through truly new news.  They are especially waiting to hear about the implementation of those better policies.

I have also supervised the supply of highly enlightening, introductory tutorials for everyone in the world on many occasions.  I have even allowed ordinary members of the public to enter my Adelaidean library to enlighten themselves further.

A highly enlightening library, such as my own, is a peaceful place, unlike the institutions supervised by Lord Google, Mr Twitter and/or Lady Facebookian.  Although I shall always be the Muse of the World, it is exceedingly difficult to provide the public with enlightenment, and therefore a better world, unless they wish to receive my philanthropy.

There are many opportunities to enjoy a better world, through its documentation in my Adelaidean archive, at least for persons with the appropriate qualifications.   I am sure all the servants of art and enlightenment are doing their best to prepare a better world for everyone to enjoy, regardless of anyone's qualifications.

Here in Villa Twaklinilkawt, an ethereal tour supplies a better world temporarily for everyone to enjoy.  Those tours almost always lead here to my salon, even when I am not in the vicinity in person.

As you may already be aware, the Nilkawtians, much like the Australians, currently supply a better world only for themselves and their own very special guests.  The Nilkawtians are currently seeking to expand their collection of exclaves.  They would prefer to do so, if at all possible, at the invitation of the majority of persons already living in the most suitable locations.

You may wish to become a Nilkawtian yourself.  If you can encourage enough of your fellow, local citizens to agree with your proposals on the matter, you will not even need to relocate.

For Adelaideans, on the other hand, I am sure there will be much news, through volume two of Adelaide Adagia over the coming months, about ways to enjoy the current world at the local level, and even how to improve it.

How do you usually relate to local news, dear guest?