Sunday, February 14, 2016

Privacy is Peace and Freedom

How do you usually protect your privacy?

As the proprietor of Villa Twaklinilkawt, and renowned for my hospitality, I can sometimes find it difficult to maintain my privacy, and that of my guests.  Maintaining privacy is the essence of peace and freedom.

Even the servants of art and the servants of enlightenment deserve privacy, as well as a sufficient amount of peace and freedom with which to do their work properly.  The political servants, on the other hand, require additional scrutiny.

You may have examined privacy in relation to acquiring observer status at the Enlightened Nations.  If so, you will be aware of the enlightened rights of all humans, including political servants.  An enlightened awareness of privacy, and respect for it, is always required when expressing enlightened leadership.

Privacy, peace and freedom are part of the celebratory essence of world peace.  How are you creating world peace at present, dear guest?

I am sure you will not find that to be a particularly intrusive question.

In Nilkawt today, everyone is celebrating Valued Time Day.  Here in Adelaide today, many persons are enjoying the Fringe Festival, except for anyone trying to ascertain the safety of its website.

The Nilkawtians believe privacy, peace and freedom involve the right to enjoy peaceful images.  On a daily basis, they reflect upon where peace begins.  They also reflect daily upon the attributes of a good society.

The Nilkawtians, and the most enlightened Adelaideans, know that true love is always peaceful.  There are many persons in Nilkawt and Adelaide currently pursuing journalism for peace.  They therefore respect privacy and enhance, rather than restrict, everyone's freedom.

All peaceful, enlightened persons obviously consider Mr Mozart to be a peace symbol, though they have been known to intrude into his private life somewhat.  Mr Mozart, and all other true artists, often reflect upon whether real art can save the world.