Wednesday, June 22, 2016

On My Way to the UK

Oh dear.  I was hoping to hold my serene salon for world peace here in Adelaide again today but I have received an urgent request to attend to political matters further afield.

I am consequentially expected soon at the Bank of England.  Please accept my apologies if you were expecting to continue yesterday's discussions

Before I go, I should mention the frequent problems I have observed as a consequence of decisions made by persons with an inadequate understanding of history.  Those individuals often have the most blatant illusory superiority.

Elections, plebiscites and referendums are often ontological matters. Most people are apparently unaware of that fact.  They are, therefore, unfamiliar with their own category of being.

In such circumstances, I encourage everyone to chant the following sacred, satirical phrase: Primus inter pares whilst looking in a mirror, at least when fortunate enough to be able to see and hear sufficiently.

As a consequence of the imminent urgency of my journey of eminence, I am required to decide whether the European Union is an entity with substantial similarities to the principate.  Do you usually consider the British to be barbarians?

Any person, of any gender, with the ability to rule on matters of law, is theoretically a prince or princeps.  What have you written about the duties of a prince?

As I am a reigning ethereal grand duchess, I am familiar with all the important matters relating to sovereignty.  Are you reasonably well acquainted with such matters yourself?

I am aware that there are many opinions on matters of leadership and sovereignty, some of which are more democratic than others.  What are your informed opinions about the Brexit leave or remain situation?

There has been much speculation in the parlour about tomorrow's UK vote.  In fact, it has been a topic of conversation in the parlour since the matters of furniture and music were intertwined there in February.

I have been using the music room of Villa Twaklinilkawt for somewhat confidential rehearsals over recent months.  A little inkling of those rehearsals will be provided in the hallway here tomorrow morning at 7am.

Further Brexit discussions took place in the parlour last month.  Were you at the Great British Brexit Breakfast?

Although I have been in Nilkawt for much of the time, I have also spent a few days here in Villa Twaklinilkawt each month, particularly in the science studio.  Are you aware of my semi-secret work on the science of prosperity?

I have little respect for self-centred speculations, as you may already be aware, particular those involving financial matters.  Currency speculators treat the global economy as a casino.  They have no concern at all for people and other species suffering as a consequence of such gambles.

How do you tell the difference between fair trade, free trade and fear trade?

It is my duty to help the people in every geographical and ethereal territory to maintain and improve their own sovereignty, without outside interference.  I only go where I have been invited.

Well, do excuse me now.  I must prepare to take off shortly in my royal celestial teapot.  My destination is the main courtyard of the Bank of England where members of an ethereal delegation are, I have already been told, already gathering in their nightwear to greet me.  I do hope they provide me with a better breakfast than last time.

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