Friday, July 01, 2016

Literature for Peace

Although the library of enlightenment, here in Villa Twaklinilkawt, is itself a place of peace, it is unlike this salon in that it is not a place for discussion.  The quietness of the library means that it is not a meeting place at all.

Many types of persons quietly go about their research in the library, with or without guidance.  Various forms of literature have often been a topic of conversation in the parlour or even in the hallway.  Where do you usually exchange opinions regarding literature for peace?

Both the parlour and the hallway are used for many types of interaction, particularly political interaction.  I have obviously supplied the necessary rules in relation to such matters.  Enlightened leaders, such as myself, must always supply adequate guidance when other people appear to be incapable of guiding themselves appropriately.

Consistent rules are necessary in any society, and in any household, of course, just as there are consistent laws of nature.  Yet the arts provide a way to maintain a sense of freedom within the confines of nature and society.  The various ways in which that freedom is expressed have often been known as genres

If you devote time towards being a creator of artistic expressions and/or as a patron of the arts, even if you do little more than purchase an occasional ticket for a music concert or art exhibition, what attracts you to those pursuits?

In the 21st century, you are a patron of the arts merely by purchasing a download of a book or song.  Much discussion about songs, and of music more generally, has taken place in the music room of Villa Twaklinilkawt between rehearsals.  There is also quite frequent discussion in the parlour about the political aspects of music.

Over recent years, I have held a literary salon in the parlour from time to time, mostly without requiring a recording the occasion in the parlour diary, and often without an opera being composed as an interpretation of the occasion.

Literature has been mentioned here in this peaceful salon on a few occasions, too.  However, I cannot understand why there is still a large global market for narratives highlighting conflict, especially fictional conflicts and sensationalised situations.  Literature for peace is meant to guide humanity towards peaceful interactions.

With a better understanding of the social sciences, and more compassion for the plight of persons in great need, most people would find that life is better without unnecessary excitement.  Calmness, as provided through an equanimous political middle world of enlightenment, is necessary for both peace and prosperity.

If you are not yet particularly familiar with the usual and unusual activities here in Villa Twaklinilkawt, you may wish to take a tour:

At the entrance to the grand hallway

Visiting the parlour meant for you

At the door of the music room

Experiencing the suitably serene salon

Guidance in the library

As you may be aware, diplomacy is always required when providing anyone with guidance about the rules for everyone to follow.  My literary salon has, until now, been rather more informal than this salon for world peace.  I am wondering, therefore, whether to require a little more formality from my guests in relation to literature for peace.

For a brief history of the place of literature within Villa Twaklinilkawt, and especially in this salon, please refer to the records of earlier proceedings:

August 2011
Literary contributions to world peace

June 2012
Your peace, happiness and prosperity

August 2012
Peace through compassion

February 2014
Enlightened morality

December 2014
Peace and happiness through compatible values

Just as I require guests in this formal yet serene salon to be already known as advocates of peace in the world, the same will apply in relation to my formal literary salon.  Compatible values are usually necessary if excessive conflict is to be avoided.

What do you value most about literature, whether fiction or non-fiction, or both, and why?

If you are not yet familiar with my earlier activities as a Twaklinist salonist, and as a Twaklinian poet and Twaklinological scientist, a little more reading will obviously be required of you.

Here are just a few relevant references to subjects examined here last year:

20 January 2015
Enlightened leadership

Another question:
Where have you found examples of enlightened leadership in literature and how have you been influenced by the experience?

23 January 2015
A culture of peace

Another question:
When and what have you read elsewhere about a culture of peace and how has it affected your subsequent decisions?

28 February 2015
Peace through good reasoning

Another question:
How has literature helped to improve your reasoning abilities?

6 May 2015
Training for peace

Another question:
Although training manuals, like textbooks, are rarely considered to be works of literature in themselves, how has your education and training guided your subsequent interactions with literature?

2 August 2015
A global gathering for peaceful leadership

Another question:
How do you interact with literature and the world in a carbon-neutral manner?

17 September 2015
Enlightened nations

Another question:
What do you believe should be the relationship between national sovereignty and global enlightenment, and how is that reflected in literature?

19 September 2015
Peace and peace

Another question:
Why is a work of literature about war and peace apparently of more interest to the public than a work about peace and peace?

24 September 2015
A good society

Another question:
What and who prevents good societies from being established and/or maintained to a sufficiently high standard, and who counteracts such problems?

1 October 2015
Journalism for peace

Another question:
If you are not yet a local peace journalist, why is that?

6 October 2015
Can real art save the world?

Another question:
What is your relationship with real art, including real literature?

27 October 2015
A genuinely nice person

Another question:
What do you believe to be the main characteristics of a genuinely nice person, and who do you believe to have been the best characters in literature?

15 November 2015
Creating world peace

Another question:
If you have ever written a book about creating world peace, why is it that its influence has been minimal?

10 December 2015
Enlightened rights for all humans

Another question:
How do you uphold human rights in your daily activities, and through your writings?

Here in this salon, I have often supplied my guests with a little assistance towards creating world peace, as you may have already discovered.  Here are a few examples from this year:

5 February 2016
Enjoying a better world

Another question:
Have you ever found a better world through literature?

2 May 2016
Easing distress

Another question:
How has literature helped you in times of distress?

8 June 2016
Overcoming egocentrism

Another question:
How does literature help you to express empathy?

11 June 2016
How to transcend conflict justifiably and resolve it through peaceful arts

Another question:
Where have you found literature to transcend and resolve conflict?

I have also provided assistance and guidance in the parlour, directly and indirectly.  Many types of people visit Villa Twaklinilkawt and I do my best to ensure everyone is made welcome, within reason:

7 April 2015
Introverts in the parlour

25 April 2015
The Affectionate Adelaide Project

5 May 2015
Twaklinesque Literary Society for the Second Age of Enlightenment

7 May 2015
Books and eating

8 May 2015
Ideas are brewing

20 May 2015
Discussing gardens and gardening

If you have a preference for introverted pursuits, with an affectionate and enlightened approach to truth, you may be interested in good books, good food and/or good gardening practices.

For good books, do enjoy the library

For good food, do examine the service wing and then visit the parlour

For good gardening practices, do explore the gardens of Villa Twaklinilkawt, even though it is still winter here in Adelaide.

Tomorrow will be an Australian federal election day.  I am wondering which genre that performance should be considered to be.  Do you have a few thoughts on the matter?

If you have visited the hallway of Villa Twaklinikawt in the past couple of days, you may know that all the talk there has been about poetry and singing.  Here is a semi-annotated example of my own poetry:

Adelaide Winter Serenade

From an equanimous,
Political middle world,
Dressed in beautiful brocade,
An ethereal lady 
Sings a serenade.
Do you feel afraid?

As Muse of the World, 
Evoked here gently
As a truthful aide,
The vastness 
Of this moment 
To you will be conveyed. 


Standing here near the stairway,
Seeing you confused and dazed
Will you think now like Erasmus
Or is your mind a haze?

In this Adelaidean hallway
Where your future is surveyed,
An Adagia of wisdom has
Already long been made.

The published theme is lofty
Enlightenment portrayed
Through journalism of quality,
Far above a sordid trade.

You will notice this is different 
From a Mozart serenade,
Though the rhythm obviously alters, 
Like his, with the light and shade.


No public money has been outlaid for this serenade.
Nor advertisers permitted to distract it and degrade.

This Twaklinian epic poem is a winter serenade,
For a truly enlightened future in Australia, Adelaide. 


Enlightening news is always here displayed
For South Australians, especially in Adelaide.

With Australia regularly federally betrayed
Through decisions from Canberra, the local outweighed.

The 45th Parliament will probably be prepaid,
So how will voters show the way they have been swayed?

What is the real price of policies made?
Sunrise late. Sunset soon. Adelaide.

Responsibilities through science conveyed.
Ignored for decades. Another centigrade.

Hindmarshians into the sea will wade.
Have you ever heard a Barker role played? 

Darkness descends. The light of truth fades.
The voice of reason silenced.  Or will it be obeyed?

This Twaklinian epic poem is a winter serenade,
For a truly enlightened future in Australia, Adelaide. 


To the future, the present is portrayed
With so many current costs to be defrayed.

Unemployed of Wakefield needing aid.
And Grey nomads wandering in a desert with no shade.

Retirement incomes unsustained.
Future intentions disobeyed.

Gentle voter, with sky or hair greyed,
Examine the policies for hopes to gauge.

Look at the debts much later to be paid
By younger generations in Adelaide.

Should I Sturt again and dance on the Parade?
Will we Boothby happy with a dollar saved?

Mayo dreams come true and never fade.
I am Makin eyes at you with hopes delayed.

This Twaklinian epic poem is a winter serenade,
For a truly enlightened future in Australia, Adelaide. 


Charles Cameron Kingston, a field he played.
Power to the people, Port Adelaide.

Australia, your arts are often betrayed.
Like ignored applied sciences, the knowledge will degrade. 

See, yes ire, owe. Most people are dismayed.
Negative gearing. Mortgage not repaid.

Who will hear my local serenade?
How will its message be conveyed?

Election leaflets are sent to persuade
But personal preferences must still be weighed.

Policy questions, candidates evade 
And many promises, soon betrayed.

Laugh out loud at the policy parade
And watch out soon for the Treasury raid.

This Twaklinian epic poem is a winter serenade,
For a truly enlightened future in Australia, Adelaide. 


Too much public money has already been paid
For marginal electorates.  Are you on a raid?

Beware then the campaign, like a crusade
With a prime minister who thinks he's self-made.

Austerity, through a credit downgrade.
If it occurs, whose hopes will fade?

Politicians rarely make the grade
Even with their safe seats saved.

Who really benefits from free trade,
When ideas are stale rather than staid?

Keep informed. Knowledge is made
With plenty of evidence of unfair trade.

Is your mind like a Naracoorte cave
Is your heart like Cowell jade, Adelaide?

This Twaklinian epic poem is a winter serenade,
For a truly enlightened future in Australia, Adelaide. 


Companies, with their tax unpaid.
How far now has Australia strayed?

Lowly workers, underpaid.
Who needs fruit pickers, overstayed?

And who are the people trying to invade?
The rich to buy houses or the poor to degrade?

Journalists rarely call a spade a spade
For fear of exclusion from politics, forbade.

So the public observes the cavalcade
As a two-horse race through a broadcast, made.

LobbyRule and LayBore, by-laws disobeyed.
Corrupt to the core.  Improvements delayed.

A hung parliament is possible. Are you afraid?
Or could it be much better for Adelaide?

This Twaklinian epic poem is a winter serenade,
For a truly enlightened future in Australia, Adelaide. 


Laws for the rich. The rest enslaved.
A fair go for all has been mislaid. 

Who wants to be a parlour maid,
PM? Or chamber maid or aged care aide?

Look at the future with history overlaid.
NBN unfinished, not yet a true upgrade.

Arrogance. Hubris. Who is amazed?
Self-interest over principle. Should it be praised?

Financial markets for you have laid
A nasty trap in which you will be flayed.

Mortgages have never stayed
Affordable when incomes fade. 

The bubble floats above you, unashamed
Bursting in the spring.  Who will be blamed?

This Twaklinian epic poem is a winter serenade,
For a truly enlightened future in Australia, Adelaide. 


Disability.  Depression. Families plagued.
Dementia policies hideously deranged. 

Ailments. Pensions. Debts cascade,
Like poker machines. Those debts pervade.

Subsidies for a private surgeon's blade.
And foreign wars, another grenade. 

Whenever justice has been delayed
Predatory power seekers will have preyed.

Little children cried and prayed
And in their minds, their fears replayed.

Who came then to give them aid
On a winter's morning, Adelaide?

Putting problems in prisons. Minds decayed.
Feed them pharmaceuticals. Well behaved.

This Twaklinian epic poem is a winter serenade,
For a truly enlightened future in Australia, Adelaide. 


To election candidates, unordained
How many sufferers have now complained?

Misplaced trust. A world now decayed.
Australia's reputation in retrograde.

Aggressive competitors make voters afraid.
Minds filled with confusion. Emotions inflamed.

Selling you certainty.  The fraud unnamed.
A different tune in Canberra will be played.

Democracy. A masquerade.
Policy statements to be remade.

Vicious. Dirty.  Is this democracy?
Now fetch me my mother as I have a fever.

Con men fought even quite miserably.
Can it be a tie?  Are you living for art, Adelaide?

This Twaklinian epic poem is a winter serenade,
For a truly enlightened future in Australia, Adelaide. 


The push to the poll, unconstrained
Shopping centre politicians still campaigned.

Will you be the true hero as this epic is played?
In Hindmarsh, Mayo and Boothby, Sturt and Adelaide?

Wakefield, Grey and Barker, Makin, the ballot obeyed.
Not forgetting Kingston and possibly Port Adelaide.

Selecting the Senate. Still a lottery. Or delayed. 
What happens next? Which dozen conveyed?

A choice for your voice. Your vote engraved.
Or an entrenched party faction. Power craved.

With their how-to-vote cards, belligerent brigades
Battle for the ballot box, like on a barricade.

The old Senate set for another blockade.
Estranged from the lower house. A year yet to be played.

This Twaklinian epic poem is a winter serenade,
For a truly enlightened future in Australia, Adelaide. 


The House of Representatives with another tirade.
Submarines on the credit card. The latest foreign aid.

Is it ever worth the effort a muse will have made
Turning lies into truth when no-one listens to what she says?

Will you ever hear the music of this serenade played?
Will it become a classic when commercial charts have waned? 

The election situation is now surveyed.
I will probably be perceived as a renegade.

Later in the parlour, try the homemade lemonade.
Dance in time to justice where philanthropy is laid.

For South Australians, this serenade
Shines out of the dark, mostly unscathed.

With viols, not violence, reason portrayed,
Knowledge enlightened, harmonies played.

This Twaklinian epic poem is a winter serenade,
For a truly enlightened future in Australia, Adelaide. 


Welcome to winter, Adelaide.
Will my words be paraphrased?

My words are true.  I have often made
Satirical suggestions for Adelaide.

All I send to you today is an epic serenade.
Do interpret it yourself and sing along, Adelaide.

With freedom of expression, unafraid.
I could soon sing my way down Adelaide Arcade.

Haunting from the edge of eternity, conveyed.
With a serious message. Your attention paid.

And with all your options already well weighed,
How will your voting now be swayed?

As enlightening news has long been here displayed
For all the people of South Australia, Adelaide.

This Twaklinian epic poem is a winter serenade,
For a truly enlightened future in Australia, Adelaide.