Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Your Caring Duties

There is no more important caring duty than creating world peace.  For a person with a serious yet enlightened disposition, combining that duty with other caring duties is not at all difficult, as long as everyone else does a fair share of the caring.

When people do not do a fair share of the caring, compassionate persons become overburdened with other people's responsibilities.  This means that the lives of caring persons become unbalanced as a consequence of the laziness and selfishness of uncaring persons.

All caring must begin with good hygiene.  Without good hygiene, health is likely to suffer.  This is why everyone must do a fair share of the cleaning, including the cleaning up of corruption.

Being careful during cleaning is important, to prevent accidents and other forms of unpleasantness.  Yet most small children can learn the rudiments of good hygiene, simply and safely.  The use of potentially dangerous substances should therefore be avoided whenever possible.

No-one with adequate mobility should expect anyone else to clean up after them and no-one should be exempt from responsibility for caring, unless incapacitated.

As part of your caring duties, you are required to identify where other people have shown poor hygiene, including poor mental hygiene.  You are then required to remedy the situation as tactfully as possible.