Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Global Consequences

Oh dear.  It is so difficult to find good help nowadays.

Political servants enjoy blowing trumpets and plastering their names all over buildings and screens.  They generally make a considerable nuisance of themselves.

There are many political servants with ambitions to turn the entire world into one big casino and golf course complex.  They want to keep building big walls between rich and poor neighbourhoods.  They want to keep blowing up big populations.  They want to keep destroying climates and pretty scenery.

I sent my invitation to you a few days ago, dear guest so that we may create world peace together as quickly as possible.  We must do something suitably effective and practical to stop the oceans warming further.  We must also do something to stop greedy narcissists from imposing their misguided views on everyone.

Have you heard the news between the trumpeting?

Are you a philanthropist or a parent?

Are you an enlightened being?

As most of my guests are aware, it is almost impossible to be both an enlightened philanthropist and any sort of parent in the 21st century.  Nor is it possible to be an enlightened philanthropist when failing to contribute adequately to the work within one's own household.  I, of course, have several official and unofficial households, which is why I require competent assistance with my superhuman schedule.

In my experience, parents have a tendency to brainwash their children, just as dominant spouses have a tendency to brainwash submissive ones.  And poorly educated persons and mentally challenged ones are easily brainwashed by megalomaniacs with money.

I have asked the Australian parlour maid to remove that dreadful ANZUS Treaty from cluttering up the tea tray.  I do not wish to have a one-party parlour.  Nor do I want any sort of distastefulness anywhere in Villa Twaklinilkawt.

Malcolmia, or Turnip as she is brusquely called by persons impatient with her, has done nothing useful since she first came into my employ.  I think she is resentful about being in a relatively low paying and powerless occupation.  She even paid for the job herself.  Has she no gratitude?

You, dear guest, may currently be working in a low paying occupation yourself.  You may even be doing so whilst attempting to studying for a higher paying position.  You may possibly also be working as a way to improve your language skills in relation to local speakers.

Do you find it difficult to conform to other people's expectation, especially when they expect much of you and very little of themselves?

You may be a low-paid worker in shipping, following various trade routes around the world, as some of my former guests have been.

Are you paid very little, comparatively, for being in that position?

Did you take the job because nothing else was offered to you?

Although I do not have any children or ships of my own, I am sure maintaining children and ships can both be difficult occupations for anyone.  For someone working in a foreign country or in international waters, and expecting to send money home to their own families, there is likely to be a great deal of competition for reliable recompense.

As I am an expert on creating world peace, and an enlightened philanthropist, I would never put profit ahead of service.  A profit should always be viewed as a pleasant consequence of the provision of good service, not an end in itself.

Whether as an employee or contractor, or even as a retiree or school child or baby, the daily activities of many individuals have global consequences. In many parts of the world, for example, local low paid workers are competing with even lower paid migrant workers.  At the same time, highly paid local workers are competing with lower paid higher skilled persons in other countries.

What do seemingly different people have in common?  A migrant worker occupied as a low paid child care attendant, and a poverty-stricken person from a slum who can only find work as a lowly paid sailor or waiter, and an overpaid politician with a liking of foreign food, all have many things in common.

I have just been informed that a builder is likely to become the next President of the United States of America, in spite of predictions to the contrary.  That person apparently has no previous experience in any similar position as a political servant though his biography appears to have a few similarities with that of Mr Mussolini.

There is a great deal of propaganda and fake news in the world, as usual.  I insist that all information must be Twaklinologically verified before I will allow it to be mentioned factually in my presence.

Speculative predictions, advertisements and self promotion are never to be trusted.  I have no tolerance of braggarts.  Nor do I have any tolerance of unfair exclusivity. 

Yet the world economy is likely to go into recession again next year, according to all the evidence.  There is likely to be considerable social unrest in the years ahead.  This will mostly be as a consequence of large young demographics in poor countries, and in poorer neighbourhoods in richer countries, and not enough properly recompensed work for the young, male portions of them.

As I am sure you are well aware, dear guest, vanity, greed and corruption are at the heart of many problems in the world, even at a local level.  Vanity is the cause of most greed.  The rest is caused by fear.  Most corrupt people are unaware they are corrupt.  They believe they are successful.  People who think they are enlightened do not understand the minds of people who are not.

Simple people act rashly when they become excited or intoxicated.  And there is a great deal of different between being a simple person and enjoying a simple life.

I am sure you are not a simple person.  It is why I wish you a simple and peaceful yet magnificent and prosperous existence.  Simple people are incapable of understanding the complexities around them.  It is your duty to do that on their behalf.

Will you be able to attend here tomorrow?

My guests, then, will be examining various forms of presumptuousness.  In the meantime, do please consider the global consequences of your own actions.  I hope you will also encourage your acquaintances to do the same, particularly if they have children or act in ways likely to produce offspring.

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