Thursday, November 10, 2016

Preventing Presumptuousness

As you will probably have encountered yourself, dear guest, there is an impertinent amount of presumptuousness in the world, including well-meaning presumptuousness.  I have been wondering, therefore, whether you usually consider yourself, in relation to your social, intellectual and economic interactions, to be a trainee, a servant, a colleague, or by some other descriptive term.

Most of the volunteers here in Villa Twaklinilkawt consider themselves to be trainees.  Several of those individuals are participating in structured work experience placements and internships at present but they are generally not paid for their performance.  They usually still have much to learn.

Most persons in unpaid or low paid positions require extensive and intensive supervision, even whilst performing simple, repetitive tasks. 

Most simple, repetitive tasks, nowadays, can be achieved by relatively affordable machines.  When a machine is competent and reliable, an impertinent person is no longer required to perform the work of that machine.

The hours in which the volunteers in Villa Twaklinilkawt provide satisfactory service usually count towards their documented achievements.  Those hours may also reduce the fees they pay for their ongoing training.

There are many presumptuous persons in the world, particularly during election campaigns.  Similarly, there is much presumptuousness expressed by overly confident individuals in workplaces, and during educational experiences.  Elections, of course, are educational experiences in themselves, particularly in terms of voter registration and voter turnout.

In my Adelaidean boudoir, I have been calmly and reasonably documenting presumptuousness for many years.  It is why I usually forbid entry there to presumptuous persons, except in the smallest, most basic outer room.  An enlightened person is never presumptuous, of course.

Finding suitable locations for the purpose of enlightenment has often been difficult.  I usually assume that persons visiting Villa Twaklinilkawt are already relatively enlightened, though I do not presume anything of anyone.

Assumptions never involve impertinence but presumptions do.  An assumption is usually based on inadequate evidence whilst a presumption has no basis in fact at all.  Presumptions deny dignity.  They ignore history.  They may even ignore science.

In my experience, overly confident persons are not to be trusted, particularly if they show signs of presumptuousness.  In election campaigns, for example, it is usually the overly confident who put themselves forward as candidates.  That is obviously why most political situations become more unpleasant than necessary.

You may have heard that I have recently been appointed to the position of President of the Enlightened Nations.  Are you familiar with the Enlightened Nations at all?  Most regular guests to this political and literary salon are intimately acquainted with that institution.

When preparing to hold my salon, I usually spend a few quiet hours beforehand in my boudoir, to read carefully and think imaginatively.  What were you doing in the hours before your arrival in Villa Twaklinilkawt today?

Please do not consider me presumptuous for asking you such a question.  I merely wish to ascertain whether you are an accomplished personage or someone still in the process of acquiring accomplishments.  My conclusions are always based on the evidence I have been able to acquire.

If you have an unfortunate acquaintance with the unseemly content of most digital transmissions, through any form of electronic device, your view of the world is likely to be hideously distorted by those mental intrusions.  I have long been attempting to ascertain the extent of such patterns of thought in the world so that I may present the remedy as philanthropically as possible.

My guests are sometimes reluctant to provide evidence of the remedial assistance they require.  It is why I usually investigate the matter indirectly.

Would you consider Mr Trump to be presumptuous?

Would you consider Mrs Clinton to have been presumptuous?

Would you consider all political candidates, anywhere in the world, to be presumptuous or merely making preparations for real or remote possibilities?

When was the last time you devoted adequate attention to your patterns of thought?

When was the last time you visited an enlightening library?

When was the last time you were invited to reflect upon calmness and reasonableness?

And how will you be responding to my recent invitation?

I do hope you will not think it presumptuous of me to have prepared well for the weeks and months ahead.  My salon staff look forward to greeting you on Friday 2 December and I look forward to introducing you then to my other guests. 

Please arrive as earlier as possible next time.  You and I have much work to do.