Friday, December 02, 2016

The New Routine

As it is now just past midnight on the first official day of my new, regular salon for world peace, I am pleased you have managed to arrive here as expected.

This is the first Friday of December 2016, of course.  Do you intend to be here for the first Friday of each month throughout 2017?

Regardless of whether you remain in the world of mortals or permanently enter the ethereal world during the months ahead, do please try to be here on time.

I am already looking forward to greeting you on Friday 6 January 2017.  We shall have many problems to solve between now and then, I am sure.

Unfortunately, I do not recall you being here last month.  Nor do I recall you being here in October.  That is most disappointing.  Perhaps you have not completed all the most suitable readings for today.

Have you caught up with the readings from earlier years yet?  Many of the most ordinary individuals have somewhat lax reading habits.

I do hope you usually participate in enlightened discussions using the most peaceful forms of language and literature.  My most distinguished guests are usually non-belligerent, remarkable well-read and extraordinarily polite.

Additional guidance on the suitable use of language can always be found within an enlightened library, of course.  You are likely to continue to have access to the library here in Villa Twaklinilkawt forat least for a while longer.

Do you consider yourself to be a peaceful reader?

Do you appreciate comfortable seating whilst reading?

Have you ever had a suitable routine as an exceedingly serious student?

Would anyone ever consider you to be a distinguished senior editor?

Would anyone ever consider you to be one of the most enlightened budget guides?

Would anyone consider your contributions to world peace to be monumental works?

I have supplied the readings at this early hour of the morning to ensure everyone is suitable informed for the day ahead.  The new routine will often require prior, enlightening readings.

From 2011

From 2012

From 2013

From 2014

How were you creating world peace last year?

How have you been creating peace this year?

How will you create world peace next year?