Friday, January 06, 2017

Peace is Joyful Equanimity

All the lovely guests at my salon in early November last year will already know about my interest in joyful equanimity.  I wish you a joyous and equanimous, non-frivolous 2017, of course.

You will probably be well aware of the new routine here.  You will probably have additionally informed yourself that the natural common room, in the gatehouse, is the main digital location of the forthcoming World Enlightenment Forum.

I expect everyone in the gatehouse to act with joyful equanimity, even if they are only just beginning their first visit or first volunteering assignment.

The gatehouse is at some distance from where we are now, here in the main digital house, as you may have noticed.

Most of my guests are also well aware that I have often been fully involved in the World Enlightenment Forum during January each year, as well as with the preparations for Mr Mozart's birthday, of course.  It is only in recent years, with the assistance of my ethereal staff and servants, that I have been able to delegate several aspects of my work sufficiently to ordinary mortals.

This salon has only been held in January since 2014.  It was also held in January 2015 and January 2016.

Being aware of such historical matters will be of considerable importance for anyone seeking enlightenment.

How are you currently preparing for the World Enlightenment Forum?

Have you participated in any of the preparatory tours and tutorials?

How are you currently preparing for Mr Mozart's birthday, and where?

Do you have an equal interest in peace and joyful equanimity?  If not, how do you find balance and a sense of proportion?

Are you interested in participating in volunteering opportunities this year?

How do you usually assist the servants of enlightenment?

How have you been supporting the work of the gatehouse attendants?

How have you been helping the enlightened servants of peace?

How often are you a participant in the Republic of Nature?

If you do not feel joyful equanimity at present, why is that?

Have you not yet placed a respectable donation in the world peace box in the gatehouse?

The World Enlightenment Forum will consider peace as a priority, as usual.  Attendees will also examine the facts of joyous equanimity in relation to the festive ecology of Villa Twaklinilkawt.

If you have something worthy to contribute, you may even receive another invitation to breakfast.

There is likely to be a considerable amount of work for you to do this year.  How much of that work will you find to be enlightening and peaceful and even joyful?

There is likely to be much talk about natural jobs at the World Enlightenment Forum.  Do you have a natural job to do at present?  If not, why not?

All natural jobs involve the participants in preventing waste, as far as I am aware.  How do you usually ensure your time and energy and financial resources and material resources and knowledge and talents are not wasted?

I am sure there will be much scientific and aesthetic exploration of the local environment at the World Enlightenment Forum.  I do hope there will also be a peace of nature.

During the forum, there will obviously be tours around the gardens, regardless of the weather.  There will also be much to glean from the grounds for gracious causes.

What is sustainable, in your view?  Do you believe joyful equanimity to be sustainable?

Are you familiar with permanent Adelaide?

Are you familiar with the mission of the Adelaide Adagia Ensemble?

Are you aware of the work of the Adelaidzone news team?

I look forward to your well-informed participation in the World Enlightenment Forum from 17-20 January.