Friday, February 03, 2017

A Peaceful First Friday in February

Acquiring and developing the most suitable skills for creating world peace should be quite easy for everyone.  Find a peaceful day upon which to do so is a very good start.  How do you usually find a peaceful day?

If you have the ability to stand well and breathe well, that is a very good start.  You may also be able to sing well though please only do that at the most appropriate moment in the most appropriate location with the most appropriate compositions.  Have you completed the appropriate training?

I do hope your experiences of benefits and doubts over the past month have prepared you well for your participation here today.  As you may be aware, my staff are currently providing gentle warnings to all visitors.  Are you a heedful sort of personage?

Now that you have been greeted sufficiently and made appropriately comfortable, dear guest, do please pay attention to the questions for today's discussion.  You will be expected to reply in accordance with your memory.
1. Do you ever use mnemonics to help you save the world?

2. Do you every use alliteration as a form of illustration?

3. Do you ever use assonance as a way to prevent dissonance?

4. Do you ever use literary consonance to prove your compassion?

5. Do you ever use musical consonance to create world peace?

6. Do you ever write verse when experiencing cultural dissonance?

7. Do you ever read poetry after experiencing cognitive dissonance?

8. Do you ever create poetic lines as a protest against political lies?

9. Do you ever explore mythology in relation to psychology?

10. Do you ever use art as a way to enhance memory?

As this is the first Friday in February in 2017, it is the first time this salon his been held since the first Friday in January.  It will be the last salon held here until the first Friday in March.  Can you remember the invitation I sent you last October?

Now that I have presented the questions, you are most welcome to reply in your own time.  The memories of most people cannot be rushed.  Indeed most memories seem to have a mind of their own for much of the time, even in relatively healthy brains.

Most of my guests are assumed to possess many years of memories before attending here.  Even though they may often live in a world of day dreams, or even nightmares, those guests usually wish to join me on my quest for a more peace and prosperous world.

My guests do not necessarily consider me to be a poetic goddess though they are willing to allow me to lead the way to world peace.  They appear to be unsure of leading anyone anywhere themselves.  Sometimes, I may lead them up a tree to see the world a little differently than they usually do.  Observing the world from different perspectives is a sign of a healthy mind.

As we continue to reflect upon history, you may remember that I began this dignified digital salon in February 2011.  You may recall your own experiences of that time.

I have forgotten how often have you participated here now.  Perhaps you will make the effort to remind me.

Recently, several areas of Villa Twaklinilkawt have closed to ordinary visitors.  They are, however, still open* to enlightened, registered patrons.

There was no salon here in February 2012. You may have attend the main discussion in my boudoir* in that month, though I do not recall you being there.

Perhaps you can remember the subject of this salon in February 2013, at least if you were suitably attentive and not absent or absent minded. I usually expect my guests to use the knowledge gained here in their subsequent positions of leadership.

You may believe the subject of my salon in February 2014 will continue to have considerable relevance in relation to your own ongoing leadership in the months ahead.  I do hope you will express your true views on poetry, peace and prosperity today.  I am sure my other guests are keen to know how sublime you are when comparing yourself with Proserpine.

You will obviously remember the subject of my salon from February 2015.  I expect everyone here to be familiar with such matters, as well as with the subjects from previous Februaries.

Last year, February was an exceedingly busy month here in my salon.  In view of that, your efforts at world peace appear to be considerably behind schedule.

Now, please do provide your answers to my questions quickly.  I must soon fly back to Nilkawt.  My services are often required there rather urgently.

You may also wish to receive a few indications of the topics to be examined here next month: