Friday, April 07, 2017

Enjoying Peace

As my regular guests are well aware, this salon is a place for calm reflection.  It is where everyone can explore many well-reasoned and gentle possibilities in the company of many people from many different backgrounds.

Everyone currently here is eager to know when and how you usually find somewhere to be appropriately serene, yet stimulating enough to inspire your highest thoughts.  They also wish to know how you prefer to spend your time whilst enjoying peace.

How are you helping to ensure everyone can enjoy this location?

The above question was first asked during my serene salon in April 2011.

As world peace is one of the most magnificent of possibilities, how are you encouraging its occurrence?  That was a question asked here in April 2013.

Please take this opportunity to contribute to the creation of world peace.  It is a magnificent possibility.

I have frequently been told that I have the capacity to convey magnificent possibilities myself, which is why I wish to know whether you are able to do the same.  Where do you usually share your insights and experiences about enjoying peace?

Of course, I would never wish to encourage anyone to behave with complacency.  That would been considerably tedious.

Sometimes, I quietly suggest to a guest that the library here is a useful source of enlightenment.  I always consider it wise to encourage greater understanding and wisdom in the world. Can they be found without the assistance of libraries?

Many of my guests expect to enjoy peace in a library.  Indeed, my Adelaidean library is renowned for its tranquility.

One of the best ways to overcome complacency is through the development of enlightened forms of democracy.  That subject was discussed during my salon in April 2014.

Maintaining enlightenment democracies is necessary to ensure peace can be enjoyed sustainably, globally, locally and appropriately.  Suitable boundaries must be established and maintained, politically and interpersonally. 

If you believe creating world peace is essential in order to live a life of quality, please invite all your friends and foes to assist in its pursuit.  When do you usually know that peace has begun?

In the world of ordinary mortals, selfishness is often prevalent.  At one extreme is the selfish pursuit of attractive things, ideas, experiences and people.  At the other extreme is the selfish desire to destroy things, ideas, experiences and people considered to be repulsive.

Yet peace is never derived from selfishness.  It stands between attraction and repulsion as a calm, rational and neutral phenomenon.

I held my salon twice in April 2015, as you will already know if you were there.

Do you think this salon is where peace begins?

Here in my salon, the guests and the servants are expected to express their affection, appreciation and authenticity purely in a manner most appropriate for world peace.  Grumpiness is unnecessary on most social occasions, unless it derives from recent experiences of grief and/or injustice, or ongoing poor health.  Unwarranted moroseness is never acceptable in my presence.

Who usually joins you for the celebratory essence of world peace?

Do you prefer to enjoy peace with other people or by being left alone in glorious solitude?

Last April, here in this salon, we explored the relationship between work and peace.  Did you know that wars create jobs and peace creates comfort?

The elegantly enlightening Twaklinological investigations and Twaklinesque discussions I have instituted through this serene, ethereal salon provide all the necessary guidance for anyone desiring to transform anger and anxiety into peaceful action, particularly in the name of enlightened justice, reasonable comfort and enjoyable peace. 

My questions to you a year ago were as follows:

1. Why has the world not yet improved significantly?

2. Why is mutually purposeful communication so difficult to pursue?

3. Why is thoughtful compassion so difficult to express?
4. Where should enlightened persons look for sufficient answers? 

5. How may assistance from science help to identify and improve closed minds? 

6. How do the politics of taste and the expression of political preferences combine and cause conflict?

7. Why are clear reasons and good reasoning so often ignored?
Enjoyment is intimately connected with creativity and comfort.  Participation in various arts and crafts, and in various types of research in the sciences and humanities, is enjoyable for many people, especially when they have the freedom to pursue their curiosity in a delightful way.  Those activities become like sleeping and eating whenever sleeping and eating are relatively easy to achieve, and even quite comfortable and enjoyable.

I always have several questions for my newer guests to answer, here in this serene salon and in the wider world.  Encouraging responsible questioning is always a philanthropic activity.

The minds of persons with comfortable lives frequently appear to be consumed with anxieties about being either uncomfortable or too comfortable.  This may be due to the fact that they watch too much television.
Perceptions arising from interactions through a screen are rarely found to be accurate upon further investigation.  That is why all my guests are obviously expected to place their opinions in the context of reality.

I do not tolerate egocentricity amongst leaders.  Indeed, only unenlightened leaders are egocentric.

What is the basis of your moral authority?

Test your qualities as a leader here:

Would you prefer to spend public money on building and maintaining a bunker in which to protect yourself and your wealthy friends from the mess you have caused?

Just before the ordinary public is completely annihilated by nuclear catastrophes and climate catastrophes, would you prefer to leave a few robots to run what is left of your investment portfolio on the Earth while you fly off into space to make a mess of somewhere else in the universe?

Perhaps you are happy just to profit at the expense of other people in the here and now, or whenever a bubble bursts.

I consider myself to be an investor.  Indeed, anyone with an enlightened understanding of the winning characteristics of a highly successful investment portfolio would be deeply impressed with my strategy.

My investments are in people, not in products or services.  Either I give people all the time and support in the world or no time or support at all.  It is up to individuals to convince me they are worth my time.  I always ensure the gates are locked when pushy people and excessively influential corporate and political players attempt to seek my attention.

As I enjoy peace, I am only prepared to invest in peaceful people.  Knowing whether a person is peaceful or not is usually quite easy.  When it is not as easy as it should be, I invite the borderline cases to attend this salon.  That is why you have been invited here.  I have my doubts about you.

What are you doing to encourage ordinary, relatively ignorant people so that they will be persuaded to make better decisions than they usually do?

What are you doing to stop ordinary, relatively ignorant people from making very stupid decisions?

Enlightened people know the difference between need and neediness.  They know that truth is found neither through perception nor persuasion.

Literacy is only helpful if people are willing to read the fine print.

The fine print is where the facts are usually hiding, unless they are reported elsewhere by quality journalists and quality citizen-journalists.

Enlightened persons always examine the fine print in context and make relevant comparisions.

The legal environment of any society is very much dependent upon its political environment, and vice versa.

The qualities of people in any society depend upon their personalities.  That is because personalities shape interests.  In their turn, interests shape values.

To enlightened persons, developing the knowledge and skills of people will always be less important than understanding their personalities.  Knowledge can be shared.  Skills can be acquired.  Personalities are much more difficult to modify without causing harm.

Assessing how intelligent and well-educated a person may be does not depend on their qualifications or previous experiences.  It depends on how well they can identify potential problems and communicate the reasoning behind their concerns.  They must do so by presenting appropriate evidence.

The persons worthy of my time have the ability not only to learn from history but also to persuade other people to learn from history.  People unwilling to learn are unworthy of anyone's time.

I have spend many years reminding everyone that peace and prosperity are not brought about by short-term success.  Enlightened persons know that most business investment does not invest in people at all.  That is why it deserves to fail.

People who are either uninterested in investing in good people or are unwilling to learn about the long-term viability of societies, cause most of the problems in the world.

Violence is a form of anti-investment.  Through bullying and other forms of aggression, violence is used to destroy the peaceful careers of good people.

Excessive risk is also a form of anti-investment.  It is used to disparage reasonably cautious individuals.

Vanity and greed are anti-investments.  They feed the ego and nurture nothing.

Conscious and unconscious prejudices are anti-investments.  Prejudiced people not only ignore history, they disparage reality.

I build teams, groups and ensembles based on the ability of each individual to cope successfully with unusual digital situations.  How people interact with strangers in the digital sphere is a key skill for success in the 21st century.

Having established myself as a genius loci and gently tutoring, tutelary spirit, many years ago in Adelaide, I subsequently established the Adelaidezone as an ethereal, artistic representation of the fair go.

Most people are unaware that the fair go originated in Adelaide at my instigation.  Nor are they aware of the long-term plans I have been establishing for the benefit of all good people around the world.

Everyone must decide to invest in quality societies or not.  All quality societies are fair and wonderful and creative and peaceful.  They are able to become prosperous because their inhabitants are trustworthy, reliable, caring people.

Those people are not good because they live in prosperous societies.  They are able to express their goodness through a fair political system supported by a fair legal system.

The tutoring I supply is often delegated to various enlightened beings of my acquaintance, many of whom are also ethereal.  A considerable number of those individuals were not particularly enlightened during their lifetimes though they have developed the ability to enlighten the world since that time.

Property entitlements in accordance with family associations have long been the basis of ordinary legislation.  They have also been the main source of various political struggles.

Perceived property entitlements have never been the basis of eternal law or the uncommon law.  Those laws are the ones predominantly upheld here in the Adelaidezone, as well as in the Enlightened Nations.

In any areas in which I have moral authority, nepotism and cronyism have no legitimacy.  I never permit anyone to insinuate themselves into my decision-making as a consequence of their genetic, marital or other societal connections.

It is not possible to enjoy peace by being unduly influenced by the opinions of anyone.  When I develop digital groups, the people within them who begin to show enlightened leadership are immediately moved into another, quite different group.

The people I move to new groups most frequently are, in my view, the most successful.  The duty of every enlightened leader is to establish and maintain the dignity and self-confidence of all individuals, within reason.  Dignity requires privacy, unobtrusive understanding, sensitive support and empathy.

There is much abusiveness and exploitation in the world.  It is always intolerable.

The people paid through public funds or through charities to support vulnerable people and vulnerable environments mainly have inadequate resources with which to do so.  They rarely do anything to help vulnerable people and vulnerable environments to help themselves.  For much of the time, the helpers can barely look after themselves.

Leadership is about finding adequate resources and allocating them wisely.

Knowledge is a resource acquired through research.  But research rarely identifies enlightened leaders.  It merely locates crony authority.

My methodology attempts to locate enlightened leaders.  Have you found any enlightened leaders anywhere?  If so, where did you find them and what methodology did you use?

No-one could ever accuse me of being an autocrat.  No enlightened leader is autocratic.  I merely insist on evidence-based approaches to the composition of deliberative, deliberately democratic policies, laws and practices.

I deliberate prevent myself from being seen as popular or widely influential.  Popularity is faddish.  It rarely lasts. Influence is usually based on popularity, not leadership.

In the early stages of rising to prominence, popularity within particular groups can easily be mistaken for leadership potential more generally.  This is a considerable danger.

When fake leaders promote fake news as if it is real, or they state that real news is fake, they erode the chance for peace and prosperity in the world.   The people who believe they are real leaders will never have the ability to distinguish between fact and fiction, the digital world and the real world, truth and falsehood, and war and peace.  They believe 'good' equates with whatever opinions they happen to support at a given moment, regardless of the veracity.  They usually cannot distinguish between good faith, blind faith and bad faith.

All real news sites have fully independent fact checking capabilities.  For example, the Adelaide Adagia Ensemble has its incredibly credible investigation unit.

Everyone associated with the investigative unit is aware that most members of the public do not read beyond the headlines and therefore tend to make false assumptions about the meaning of headlines.  It is why all headlines associated with the ensemble are as accurate as possible.

You are presumably here because you like enjoying peace.  Does that include peace of mind?

Unfortunately, even relatively credible websites have a propensity to describe something fake as if it is fiction rather than of fraud.  Fake news is fraud.  Fiction is fiction.  Fact is fact.  Quality journalism, as expressed by the Adelaide Adagia Ensemble, uses fiction to enhance awareness of fact and to protect privacy.

Fake leaders describe real news as fake while quoting fake news as real.

All people with income-producing jobs and careers are vested interests.

All people with personal wealth are vested interests whenever they derive a significant income from that wealth.

Who, then, is not a vested interest?

How do you separate your self-interest from your higher purpose?

Where and what is your creativity?

How do you intend to enjoy peace in the future?

How do you intend to be creative in the future?

How do you intend to make the world a much better place than it would be without you?

How are you already contributing to the structural changes required at both the national and international levels?

What are the structural changes most urgently needed?

How are you attempting to ensure those changes will occur as required?

Enlightened leaders are not impressed by claims of high gross sales figures.  Nor are they impressed by claims of large profit margins.  They are impressed when people, societies and environments are treated fairly.  Enlightened leaders are always well aware of the basis of fairness.

Now, if this is your first time here in my salon for world peace, please pay attention.  Enjoying peace is something I intend to continue doing for a considerable time into the future.  I am not willing to give up that peace for anyone or anything.
Peace is never complacency or laziness. It is an opportunity to plan and prepare for the future without aggressive distractions and ignorant intrusions.  This is something I have obviously been keen on instilling within Nilkawt.  I have been attempting to instill it in Australia and the rest of the world with less success.

There are many sources of information and misinformation to examine and assess across the globe each day.  Enlightened leaders encourage all people to gain the skills and experience with which to do so.