Wednesday, July 19, 2017

An Unusual Event

My presence in Adelaide today is an unusual event.  Usually, on such a day, I am expected to be in Nilkawt.

I often find it challenging to have duties to perform in two locations, as any migrant will be aware.  For the Nilkawtians, I am expected to be a strong, enlightened head of state and possibly even the current leader of the free world.  For the Adelaideans, I am expected to be an enlightened, guiding spirit, leading all sorts of people safely into and out of the Adelaidezone digital arts quarter.

But what do you personally expect me to do for you, dear visitor?  Why are you here today?  I am not holding my usual salon.  That will be taking place later this month.  Have you looked at your invitation recently?

I am here to make an important announcement.  If you have access to the Embassy of Nilkawt, you will know that there have been many important announcements there over recent years.  If you have access to the natural common room in the gatehouse of Villa Twaklinikawt, you will know that many enlightening possibilities have been examined there over the past year or so.

According to my staff, there was much discussion recently in the natural common room regarding Adelaidezone pro bono bartering.  There has also been much discussion, in various locations, about forthcoming events in the ethereal theatre in the villa.

Here in the drawing room, my most recent salon gathering was devoted to the topic of enlightened leading.  That event took place on the first Friday of this month.

On the final Friday of this month, and in the two subsequent months, I shall not be here.  I have, however, invited the Adelaide Adagia Ensemble to gather here to conduct their local, public briefings.  Most ordinary members of the public no longer have access to the locations in which earlier briefings have been held.

Unlike ordinary mortals, I relish challenges.  In fact, I have recently been acquiring new skills relating to the ability to be in two places at once.  I had, some months ago, briefly managed to visit the future though returning to the time in which I went there proved to be rather more difficult than expected.  Being digitally in two places at any given moment is far easier than any of my staff expected it to be.

Have you visited the future at all, dear visitor?  Have you ever visited two or more places simultaneously by digital means?

While I am here, I am particularly interested in your position regarding the future.  Your efforts to create world peace are yet to show signs of success, as far as I am aware.  What have you been doing wrong?

You probably already know that world peace starts here.  How often have you experienced it?  How often have you experienced epiphanies of peace?  In relation to your own leadership of the free world, have you ever thought about starting again at the beginning?

As you may be aware, I detest crowds.  I also detest wars and all other forms of discourtesy.  What were you doing seventy years after another war ended?  Were you devoting your attentions sufficiently towards creating world peace?

There is currently a war against peace.  It is mainly conveyed through the mainstream media, a location where journalism for peace is rarely to be found.  I do not know why the war is being conducted.  What purpose does it serve, and for whom?

There is much art in peace but can real art save the world?  I frequently question my guests of such subjects.  It is necessary to ascertain who is worth inviting again.  Are you a regular participant in peaceful arts?

One of the most important arts, at present, involves preventing military pollution.  Doing so begins within peaceful relationships.  The prevention of anything unpleasant requires much co-operation.

I do hope you are willing to co-operate with me today.  Is co-operation an unusual event in your experience?

Co-operation is always required when creating world peace.  Such co-operation involves moving from the West to Enlightenment in an orderly fashion. Enlightenment is often found within the Adelaidezone and Nilkawt and in all sorts of other locations in which I have duties to perform though I am rarely a follower of fashion.

Being a strong, enlightened leader requires me to set the style and the tone and the agenda on many occasions.  I do my best to encourage everyone to establish and maintain enlightened rights for all humans in a co-operative, efficient and effective way at all times.  Do you do the same?

I do hope you do not consider easing distress to be an unusual event in your schedule.  To ease distress is one of the priorities I perform as part of my daily duties.  I also supply foresight for a peaceful future.  When was the last time you did so?

Unenlightened beings often believe their own way of life and point of view indicate normality.  Alas, there are many unenlightened beings in the world.  I certainly have concerns that you may yourself be one of them.  How have you been overcoming egocentrism?  Most unenlightened beings are egocentric.

Although I know how to transcend conflict justifiably and resolve it through peaceful arts, unenlightened beings do not have the same ability.   They have long been offered the opportunity to learn the advanced techniques yet they refuse to do so.

Most unenlightened beings do not have financial peace of mind.  I am therefore of the opinion that they place too much emphasis on material matters.  If they spent more time quietly in a library, absorbing the influence of literature for peace, I am sure they would be much happier.

I have long had a reputation as a caring salonnière.  Who do you usually invite to your salon?  Is such an occasion an unusual event or a relatively regular one?

Perhaps you came here expecting my salon to be a brief retreat.  What sorts of contributions did you expect to make to the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence here?

If you are an Adelaidean, or some other variety of South Australia, do come back again towards the end of the month.  There are likely to be several distinguished ethereal personages here to enlighten you.

Now I am expected back in Nilkawt in time for breakfast with my ladies-in-waiting, one of whom has just been appointed as my official biographer.  Has your own biography already been officially written?

Oh, and at my next scheduled salon, I anticipate the topic is likely to be of some use to you.