Friday, August 04, 2017

Creating World Peace 101

As this is the one hundred and first occasion of this salon to which ordinary mortals have been invited, I seek to engage all my guests in the development of an introductory overview of world peace.

1. Providing strong, enlightened cultural leadership for world peace

If you are unfamiliar with this topic, please reflect on your leadership qualities now.

2. Demonstrating peace and understanding

Any strong, enlightened cultural leader seeks to supply peace and understanding wherever and whenever they appear to be lacking.  You are now invited to test your knowledge and apply your skills.

3.  Enjoying peace and its pursuit

How are you enjoying this serene salon?

4. Maintaining ethereal relationships

Interacting through digital means is an ethereal pursuit.  However, most such forms of communication are short-term and possibly even superficial.  Creating world peace, on the other hand, requires consistently deep discussions

5. Encouraging gently lively interactions

No-one seeks to be bored.  Similarly, no-one sensible would seek to encourage animosity.  Mutually interesting, pleasantly engaging discussions are gently lively.

Further information

Now that you are aware of the five basic essentials for creating world peace, what else do you need to know?

It is not possible to be involved in creating world peace without taking the journey towards enlightenment.  Would you prefer me to lead the way for you?  I do my best to be a gentle and thoughtful yet strong and enlightened cultural leader.

It is possible to learn more about enlightenment on a tour of the ethereal theatre in this digital villa, and in many other parts of Villa Twaklinilkawt.  There are also tutorials available.  You may even be lucky enough to have the chance to participate in a workshop from time to time.

Creating World Peace 101 is quite easy once you know how.  

How do you find and maintain joyfulness in your life, and provide it in the lives of other creatures?

How are you contributing to the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence?

How are you creating world peace?

Beyond 1-5

After you have achieved full competency in the activities outlined above, what else will you need to do to create world peace?  Who and what can help you in that most worthy accomplishment?

6. Literary contributions to world peace

As I prefer not to watch television, listen to a radio, attend film screenings or read recent newspapers or magazines, I am much more able to maintain a peaceful mind than most individuals appear to be able to achieve.  I much prefer spending my most leisurely hours reading literary contributions to world peace.

7. Peaceful images

Art does not necessarily supply peaceful images, and nor does history.  The purpose of art and history, like science, is to convey truths about the world and the human condition.  Yet most strong, enlightened leaders of world peace are likely to be assisted by peaceful images.

8. Suitable cultural insights

Some aspects of cultures are suitable for enlightened minds to endorse whilst other aspects are understandably repellent to well informed persons.  How do you gain suitable cultural insights?

9. Timelessly appropriate possibilities

There is no more appropriate possibility, at any time of the day or night, than creating world peace.  Do you know of any more urgent possibility to pursue.

10. Your peace, happiness and prosperity

Rounding out the top ten priorities for creating world peace is ensuring you devote enough attention to your peace, happiness and prosperity.

Assessing your progress

Now that you have the knowledge with which to progress as a strong, enlightened cultural leader, how are you intending to manage the influence you are likely to gain in the weeks ahead?

How will you know that you will be acting with enlightenment?

Self-assessment on its own is rarely sufficiently enlightened.  Creating world peace is most easily achieved with a little assistance.

Improving your awareness

From the very moment you were conceived, you have been nurtured and supported in many ways, otherwise you would not be here today.

Who has produced and assembled the textiles, clothing and footwear you have been wearing recently?

Who has grown, harvested, transported and prepared the food you have eaten?

Who has been involved in attempting to provide you with a safe, clean, reliable water supply for your homeostatic replenishment and hygiene?

Who has provided the materials, knowledge and skills for the shelter you have required to keep you safe from inclement weather and various predators?

Who has protected you from diseases?

Who has been protecting you from unwarranted aggression?

Who has helped you to acquire skills, knowledge and a peaceful disposition?

And who do you help, and how and why?

If you have not spent your entire life struggling merely to survive, you may have been struggling for justice, for recognition, for attention, for security, for relief from grief, relief from physical pain, relief from mobility challenges, relief from sensory or cognitive impairments, relief from addictions or relief from various other unpleasant demands on your time.

Like anyone, you will have experienced many disappointments through unmet expectations and unfulfilled hopes.  All this is quite normal.

From petty annoyances to unrelenting abuse, there are often interpersonal challenges to be faced when any sort of conflict arises.  These social challenges are on top of the many environmental challenges facing current and future generations of all species.

11. Several suitable topics for discussion

Now we are past the very basics of Creating World Peace 101, what comes next?  What do you believe to be suitable topics for discussion?

12. Peace through compassion

How do you usually express peace through compassion?

13. Saving the world

How are you saving the world?

14. A quietly dignified respect for nature

How do you usually express a quietly dignified respect for nature?

15. Peaceful language

What is your relationship with peaceful language?

16. Magnificent possibilities

What do you believe to be magnificent possibilities?

17. The advance of virtue

What are you doing to ensure the advance of virtue?

18. Arriving safely

How do you prepare for a journey?  How do you act on the way?  How do you respond to arriving safely?

19. Enlightened being

As an enlightened being, how do you tend to experience being enlightened and enlightened being?

20. Enlightened peace

An unenlightened peace rarely last for long.  How do you develop and maintain an enlightened peace?

Practicing your skills

For thousands of years, people have tried to understand and cope with changes, challenges and conflicts.  Throughout that time, they have done so through artistic expression.

There are many ways to define, compare and critique the arts, and many different reasons for doing so.  Creativity itself is the foundation of all culture, including all knowledge, values, beliefs and skills.

While crafts and professions involve following rules, art goes beyond rules and sometimes ignores them completely.  Art is therefore the true basis of freedom.

Yet the arts have often been used oppressively to indoctrinate people into sharing a belief system, at least outwardly.  The arts have also been used to pressure people into conformity in other ways, often against their will.

What are the words and melodies of a national anthem really meant to convey?

What do the other official political symbols of a state and/or society attempt to instill in citizens and outsiders?

In continuing this introduction to world peace, the twenty points mentioned above are simply reminders of where to start.  To convey a depth of understanding of the subject, please ensure you are aware of what else is involved.

21. Enlightened morality

How do you define and measure enlightened morality?

22. Enlightened democracy

What and where is enlightened democracy?

23. Acknowledging that world peace starts here

How and where have you found the origins of world peace?

24. Global peace

Do you believe that world peace is the same as global peace?

25. Peace and happiness through compatible values

Incompatible values cause many problems in the world.   Compatible values help to reduce problems.  And all enlightened persons have compatible values.

Creating world peace is the main purpose of the 21st century Enlightenment.  It is a suitable occupation for any enlightened being, which is why my ongoing work as the chief executive officer of the International Training Centre for the Harmonious Interplay of Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence has inspired me to establish and maintain this welcoming, serene salon.

If you are unfamiliar with the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence, why is that?  Are you not yet a participant in the second Age of Enlightenment?

What sort of support do you provide towards peace and enlightenment?

What are the values you express in order to supply the world with peace and happiness?

Do you believe you and I have compatible values?

Peace for ordinary mortals

As you may have noticed, Creating World Peace 101 is only a quarter completed.  There is still much work to do, with or without the assistance of ordinary mortals.  Do you believe ordinary mortals deserve peace?  Are you an ordinary mortal yourself?

Are you sufficiently familiar with my activities as a blog-pamphleteering salonniére extraordinaire?  I, of course, am neither ordinary nor mortal.

When did you first receive the invitation I provided to you?

Sending out invitations to assist in the creation of world peace is one of my main pursuits, whether from Australia or Nilkawt.  I do, of course, have quite a few assistants, including the one now responsible for greeting new attendees here in this salon.

Where else do you find enlightenment?

26. Epiphanies of peace

There is much enlightenment to be found through epiphanies of peace.

27.  Enlightened leadership

Are you aware of how your leadership is now improving?  Perhaps you believe it is not improving.  What are you using to monitor and measure it?

28. A culture of peace

Your leadership is meant to develop and maintain a culture of peace throughout the world, and within every aspect of life in which you have influence.  Enlightened societies are relatively peaceful and relatively prosperous.  Their citizens are relatively reasonable and their governmental processes are relatively fair.

An enlightened society has a culture of peace.  Enlightened citizens are peaceful, and so are enlightened politicians.

How do you act with enlightenment?  Do you believe it is possible to contribute to a culture of peace without enlightenment?

29. Peace through good reasoning

It is not possible to be enlightened without good reasoning.  Nor is it possible to find true peace without good reasoning.

Do you believe good reasoning requires a peaceful mind?

How do you usually find peace through good reasoning?

30. The celebratory essence of world peace

Peace is always worth celebrating - peacefully.  How do you express the celebratory essence of world peace?

31. Where peace begins

Do you know where peace begins?  Have you remembered where world peace starts?  How is your memory at present?

32. Training for peace

Now that you are training for peace, when do you believe you will be sufficiently informed and sufficiently capable of putting your training into practice?

33. Leadership for a peaceful world

Much of the training revolves around your leadership.  Are you leading for a peaceful world or for one more hostile and inhospitable?  What do you believe to be leadership for a peaceful world?

34.  Peaceful points of reference

World peace - and your leadership of it - require peaceful points of reference.  I do hope you consider this salon to be one of those points of reference.

35.  A global gathering for peaceful leadership

There are very few global gatherings for peaceful leadership apart from this serene salon.  That is why I expect you to initiate such gatherings yourself from time to time.

How many peaceful leaders do you already know?

Who would you invite to a global gathering for peaceful leadership?

36. Starting again at the beginning

If you are starting to feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities I am placing upon you, do please start again at the beginning of Creating World Peace 101.

Here is something to assist you.

As all enlightened beings are aware, truly peaceful and pleasantly supportive relationships are always admirable.  This salon is, of course, the best place in which to seek out new, peaceful friendships and philanthropic relationships.  It is also the best place in the world in which to strengthen existing relationships, through peaceful arts.

If you are ready to continue, please do so now.

37. From Dresden to Hiroshima to tomorrow

How familiar are you with historical matters?  Do you consider yourself to be an historian or possibly even a futurologist?

World peace is an imaginative journey from Dresden to Hiroshima to tomorrow.

38. Seventy years after another war ended

The problem with wars and other conflicts is that the problems arising from them rarely go away completely.  They stay around to poison environments and ruin the enjoyment of life all pleasant persons deserve.

How do you reflect upon wars from earlier centuries?

How did you reflect on the world as it was seventy years after another war ended?

How have you been reflecting on more recent and ongoing wars?

39. Enlightened Nations

There are very few enlightened nations in the world, with or without the assistance of the Enlightened Nations

40. Peace and peace

You obviously prefer peace and peace to war and peace, otherwise your presence here would be inexplicable.  How do you show gratitude for the peace you experience?

41. A good society

What do you believe to be the essential features of a good society?

42. True love is always peaceful

There are many questions for you to answer in relation to your strong, enlightened leadership.  How do you express peace in your most intimate relationships?  Why do strong, enlightened leaders instinctively know that true love is always peaceful?

43. Journalism for peace

Whether you are a member of the media or not, what do you believe to be journalism for peace?

The media has rarely made a contribution to world peace.  In fact, it has usually done the opposite.  This is an intolerable situation.  What are you attempting to do to make amends?

I do my best to assist members of the media who are willing to display integrity.

44. Mozart as a peace symbol

As you may be aware, Mr Mozart, and various members of his family, are amongst my closest and dearest friends.  Do you ever think of Mozart as a peace symbol?

Unfortunately, the non-Mozartian Australian political servants and non-artistic pupils have not yet been trained to a sufficient standard to create world peace.  They rarely show due respect and proper gratitude for my guidance.  Please accept my apologies.  I do try my best to provide them with adequate information though they are exceedingly inattentive and unruly.  They may also be untalented.

The non-Mozartian Australian political servants are rarely in attendance here.  They are known to make excuses, for all sorts of reasons, in all sorts of circumstances.  I do not understand why they have no desire to attain enlightenment or accept my hospitality.  Of course, I am not here to assist them in raising funds for their inelegant election campaigns.  Their awareness of that fact may account for their lack of interest in my philanthropic pursuits.

If you know of any suitably talented Australians with the ability to convey the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence, do invite them along next time you attend here.  Evidence of your peaceful relationships, all around the globe, would obviously delight me.

Are you a member of the Mozarty Party yet?

45. Can real art save the world?

This is a very important question to answer: Can real art save the world?

46. A genuinely nice person

How do you tell when someone is a genuinely nice person?

47. Observer status at the Enlightened Nations

Understanding people and societies is the responsibility of all strong, enlightened cultural leaders, particularly those with observer status at the Enlightened Nations.

48. Preventing military pollution

There is a considerable amount of pollution in the world, particularly military pollution.  How are you preventing military pollution?

49. Creating world peace

Here is a reminder of the self-explanatory purpose of Creating World Peace 101.

Is it possible to create world peace without the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence?

50. Introductory Training Manual for Enlightened Peace

You have now reached the half-way stage through Creating World Peace 101.  If you feel as though you are behind on the requirements, you may wish to peruse the Introductory Training Manual for Enlightened Peace.

Further notes

Please note that you may not be eligible for the intermediate and advanced levels of training until you have successfully completed several practical assignments.  The second half of Creating World Peace 101 may be difficult enough for you.

51. From the West to Enlightenment

Attitudes towards the world are usually influenced somewhat by geography.  This is a great pity.  It is necessary, therefore, for everyone, regardless of their origins, to take a journey from the West to Enlightenment.

Have you ever considered Enlightenment to be a destination?

52. Enlightenment or nothing

Questioning your own relationship with and to enlightened thinking is very important as you pursue world peace.  There is enlightenment or nothing.

53. Enlightened rights for all humans

How do you usually think about rights and responsibilities?  What do you believe to be enlightened rights for all humans?

54. Beginning a Twaklinoviate

If you are not yet aware of the importance of beginning a Twaklinoviate, this is as good a time as any to start.

55. Aptitude, attitude, education, artistry and fairness

How do you usually think about a person's aptitude, attitude, education, artistry and fairness?

56. Enjoying a better

Is enjoying a better world your most worthy ambition?

57. Privacy is peace and freedom

Do you believe privacy is peace and freedom?

58. Suitable sovereignty

What do you believe to be suitable sovereignty?

59. Wars create jobs and peace creates comfort

Do you believe wars create jobs and peace creates comfort?

60. Easing distress

How are you easing distress in the world?

Creating World Peace 101 obviously includes the acquisition of sufficient knowledge, which is why I invite knowledgeable individuals, such as yourself, to participate in this ethereal salon.

Additionally, you may have occasionally visited the suitably reserved digital table of Enlightened Being in Mr Twitter's Coffee House.  No doubt you will be invited to provide your own sublimely serene contributions to add to those received from other well-informed persons in that vicinity.

The marquise du Châtelet is frequently in ethereal attendance there, as you may be aware.  Are you acquainted with that lady's writings at all?  

It appears that she and I share an interest in the most reliable sources of 21st century knowledge, hence our desire to examine the opinions of a wide range of possibly enlightened beings.  This is particularly so when we are helping to develop a delightfully uplifting agenda for the World Enlightenment Forum each year.  Perhaps you are able to assist.

I have my own table in Mr Twitter's Coffee House.  Do you have one there too?

My name is often mentioned during the peculiar soirées of Lady Facebookian, so I am told be reliable sources.   And, of course, I occasionally attend the most enlightening and elegant events hosted by purportedly reputable ladies, especially if those personages hold a similar salon to my own.

You may already know that Lady Facebookian has a tendency to borrow my ideas, and my guests.  Even so, I am sure she would like to meet you.

Now to continue...

61. Foresight for a peaceful future

What does foresight mean to you?  How have you been developing foresight for a peaceful future?

62. Overcoming egocentrism

Thinking appropriately about the self, other people, the local environment and the wider world involves overcoming egocentrism.  How have you been doing so?

63. How to transcend conflict justifiably and resolve it through peaceful arts

In an enlightened culture, people can easily transcend conflict justifiably and resolve it through peaceful arts.  How do you know whether you exist within an enlightened culture?

64.   Duties of enlightened leaders

Now that you have probably become one, relatively speaking, what do you believe to be the duties of enlightened leaders?

65. On my way to the UK

Whenever I have been on my way to the UK, what have you been doing to prevent global catastrophes?

66. Financial peace of mind

As a strong, enlightened leader, how have you acquired financial peace of mind?

67. Literature for peace

This is one of the most important topics to discuss on a regular basis:  What are your recommendations with regards to literature for peace, and why?

68. A caring salonnière

Although I most certainly have a reputation as a caring salonnière, how do you perceive the experience of my care?  How does my care compare with that of other salon holders, and with your own caring nature?

69. A brief retreat

Interacting with people can sometimes become overwhelming, particularly when they are demanding or otherwise rude.  How often to you go on a brief retreat, and why?  What are the benefits of such a retreat for you and your leadership?

70. Strictly confidential by law

Although very few aspects of this salon are strictly confidential by law, discretion is always required here, as elsewhere.  Confidentiality and legality are certainly intertwined whenever sensitive information is involved.

71. How to develop and maintain a secure and stable financial system

When people behave suitably, a secure and stable financial system is quite easy to achieve.  Unfortunately, there are many people who do not behave suitably.  Therefore, do you know how to develop and maintain a secure and stable financial system?

72. Political legitimacy in theory and practice

What is your understanding of political legitimacy in theory and practice?

73. Census processes, birthdays and peace

If you are not yet familiar with the connection between census processes, birthdays and peace, why is that?

74. Mental health and peace

Mental health usually equates with reasonable peace of mind.  What is your understanding of the relationship between mental health and peace?

75. Overcoming corruption with the assistance of enlightened and talented servants of peace

Although corruption is only one of many abusive practices known to exist in the world of mortals, overcoming corruption with the assistance of enlightened and talented servants of peace is quite possible in many locations.  By overcoming corruption, it then becomes possible to overcome all sorts of other abuses.

Presumably, you now consider yourself to be a servant of peace, however unenlightened and untalented you may be perceived.  Creating World Peace 101 will undoubtedly assist you, even if your abilities are unfortunately limited.

76. Successfully peaceful economic leadership

All the patrons associated with my work are suppliers of successfully peaceful economic leadership.  What are your contributions to that pursuit?  Do you consider yourself to be some sort of patron?

77.  The encouragement of enlightened kindness

Enlightened patrons encourage enlightened kindness.  I obviously have a reputation for enlightened kindness myself, otherwise your presence here would be little tolerated.  However, your encouragement of enlightened kindness is yet to be sufficiently documented by my staff.

78. In memory

Your memory of your time here, on previous occasions and during this one, will no doubt influence you for the remainder of your mortal existence.  As you may be aware, I expect you to make the world a much better place than it would be without you, even long after your demise as a mortal has passed.  How will you be placed in memory by the generations after your own?

79. The beginning of the Digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace

The most recent Digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace began almost a year ago.  What do you intend to be doing at the beginning of the Digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace this year?

80.  To be truly free

What do you believe it means to be truly free?

81. What shall we do with the drunken, lecherous sailor?

What shall we do with the drunken, lecherous sailor?

It is a question to be asked at any time of the day or night in the seaports of the world.

82.  Your caring duties

As you are probably already aware, your caring duties are many and varied.  Who is caring for you while you carry out your caring duties?

83.  Ten simple rules for peace in the world

Do you know the ten simple rules?

84. Living without obsessions

How do you know you are living without obsessions?

85. A peaceful afternoon

What do you believe to be the characteristics of a peaceful afternoon

86. A day to remember pleasantly 

What do you believe to be the main features of a day to remember pleasantly?

87. Media for peace

What do you believe to be media for peace?

88. Citizen-philanthropists

Who are the citizen-philanthropists of your acquaintance?  Are you such a person yourself?

89. Peace, quiet, comfort,and privacy

How much do you value peace, quiet, comfort and privacy?

90. Sending out important invitations

This is likely to be the final occasion of my salon in which ordinary mortals are in attendance.  Soon, only true servants of peace will be invited, most of whom are patrons of many of the activities conducted from Villa Twaklinilkawt.

Have you been sending out important invitations recently?

You will probably already be aware that many areas of Villa Twaklinilkawt are already out of bounds to ordinary mortals.  To be considered an extraordinary mortal, your documented patronage is urgently required.

How have you treated my invitation to you?

I do not recall you have adequately reciprocated.

91. Global consequences

Every lapse of courtesy has global consequences.  Alas, there is considerable discourtesy in the world at present.  The most significant discourtesy, of course, is disrespect for the truth.

92.  Preventing presumptuousness

The truth is rarely entirely known.  Presumptuous persons usual believe they know the entire truth.  They not only disrespect truth but uncertainty.  How are you preventing presumptuousness?

93. The new routine

Every routine needs to be reassessed whenever possible improvements can be made.  As the new routine here now reaches its end, what do you believe should replace it?

94. Peace is joyful equanimity

How do you usually define peace?  Do you believe it to be joyful equanimity?

95. A peaceful first Friday in February

In how many years have you experienced a peaceful first Friday in February?

96. Reasonableness

Reasonableness is at the heart of all true peacefulness.  How do you usually reflect upon your relationship - and relationships - with reasonableness?

97. Enjoying peace

As you may be aware, enjoying peace is so much easier to accomplish with the support of reasonable people.  All patrons of the work here are expected, at all times, to be reasonable people.

98. An information kit for world peace and global prosperity

The most generous patrons of the work within Villa Twaklinilkawt are supplied with access to an information kit for world peace and global prosperity.  Have you put together a similarly useful resource?

99. Several delightful introductions for a peaceful and prosperous world

Making suitable introductions is an essential part of my duties as a strong, enlightened cultural and societal leader.  This introduction to creating world peace is just one of those introductions.

How you respond to invitations and introductions provides a reliable indication  of your contributions to world peace and enlightenment.

In the natural common room in the gatehouse, you will have been introduced to the global campaign of the Mozarty Party.  You may even, on occasion, have had the privilege of observing rehearsals in the music room of Villa Twaklinilkawt.

In my ongoing duties as the ethereal global campaign manager and elegantly egalitarian guiding spirit of the Mozarty Party, I am required to lead all 21st century mortals towards a better world, with the assistance of the Mozart family, of course.

In my additional duties as the chief executive officer of the International Training Centre for the Harmonious Interplay of Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence, of which Sir Mozarty Mozart is the immortal perpetual patron and president, I am always keen to identify your quaternary training requirements.

What are you doing to support and preserve peaceful minds?

How will I know whether you have a peaceful mind?

How do you convey your support for peaceful relationships?

As any suitably enlightened person will already be aware, I do my best to provide enlightened administrative, artistic and financial support towards Mozarty Party performances on the world stage.  Beautifully composed and performed musical and political policies and practices are worthy of everyone's support, especially philanthropically.

100. Enlightened leading

This is just a gentle reminder of the beginning and end of your duties as a creator of world peace.  Please now review your capabilities in relation to enlightened leading.

101. Creating world peace in practice

Creating World Peace 101 is, I hope, sufficiently straightforward, understandable, accurate and practical.  You are most welcome to implement this training, as long as you monitor your progress as a strong, enlightened cultural and societal leader.  Should you be in a position to transfer your experience to the political realm, so much the better.