Harmonious Interplay

Have you ever experienced enlightened being? 

Are you an enlightened being?

Have you ever experienced epiphanies of peace?

Do you ever experience a culture of peace?

Do you ever experience peace through good reasoning?

These are all possible through the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence.

Have you been training for peace?

Have you been attending a global gathering for peaceful leadership?

Have you been starting again at the beginning?

Have you enjoyed observer status at the Enlightened Nations?

Have you ever taken the journey from the West to Enlightenment?

Have you been overcoming egocentrism?

Have you been experiencing a brief retreat?

Have you been investigating the relationship between mental health and peace?

Have you been involved in the encouragement of enlightened kindness?

Have you witnessed the beginning of the Digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace?

Do you know any citizen-philanthropists?

How often do you experience peace, quiet, comfort and privacy?

How often have you celebrated enlightened leading?

Answering such questions is necessary before gaining entry to any of the courses offered through the International Training Centre for the Harmonious Interplay of Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence.

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