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If you are not yet familiar with this serene salon, please note that you are now digitally situated on the dignified piano nobile of an ethereal Adelaidean residence, Villa Twaklinilkawt.

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When people are reasonable, and therefore willing to pursue serenity in the world with empathy, equanimity, eloquence and elegance, world peace becomes a possibility.  The process begins in peaceful minds.  How peaceful is your mind at present, and how do you make the necessary comparisons with other minds?

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Willingness is not the same as ability.  For that reason, talents require nurturing and supporting.

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The political use of the arts in the service of an ideology can be counteracted by expressing art in the service of peace.  An ideology will always create conflict.  Peaceful arts aim to counteract unreasonable conflict and solve societal problems fairly.

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With a little assistance, anyone can be involved in creating world peace quite easily.  This salon is a reflection of the peaceful mind of a strong, enlightened cultural leader, interacting in peaceful relationships through peaceful arts whilst creating world peace. That leader is you.

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